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The Ultimate Attendee Welcome Checklist
The Ultimate Attendee Welcome Checklist

A checklist in preparation for sending out your Welcome Email

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You've spent your time building a world-class event, now you're excited (perhaps nervous) to officially welcome your audience into your event experience.

Here's a helpful checklist the Cadence team has put together for internal use, collated across thousands of events:


We recommend about an hour (60 minutes) for a final review to your event, on both website and app.

Review your Event

Ensure the event is "Live" and not still in "Review"?

  • If your event is in Review status, and you send the Welcome Email, you'll be off to a rocky start πŸ§—πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ - your attendees will not be able to access the event!

Review your Menu

  • Determine Menu visibility, you may want to keep certain menu items hidden (by specifying the menu items) for the Events Team to continue building out for the big show

Review all Images

Visit Event Setup in the admin site for your event and select Images

Review the following:

  • Logos

  • Background Images

  • Default Images

Review your Login Screen

  • Double check that your logo and login image looks as you want it too

Review your Home screen

  • Double check that your background image is exciting and conveys your event theme

  • Use the Tiles to link to the primary experiences and engagement you want within your event (Coming April 2021)

Send a Push Notification

  • It is nice to send a push notification or two that the attendees will see once they access your event

Review Speakers

  • Ensure that each Speaker has a profile photo that is high quality and not pixelated

Review Companies

  • Ensure that each Company has their ideal logo

Review your Welcome Email

Editing your Welcome Email

  • Visit Attendees in the admin site, then visit Emails tab

  • You can fully edit this Welcome Email

Considerations for the Welcome Email copy & links

  • Generate excitement and hype for the upcoming event

  • Prepare attendees on how to build their schedule if applicable

  • ____"We have six wonderful tracks fro you to choose from"

  • ____"There's 8 breakouts on Thursday. Register for your preferred breakout"

  • Provide the points of contact leading up to the event

  • Communicate the importance and value of connecting & networking

Sending your Welcome Email

Send the Welcome Email to yourself to review first before sending to all attendees.

Visit Attendees in the admin site, search for your name and select the email icon in actions column to send yourself the Welcome Email

Once you've reviewed and determined it's good to, visit Attendees in admin, make sure All Attendees is selected, then select Bulk Actions button and select Send Welcome Email


You're on your way to your big moment.

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