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The Ultimate Post Event Checklist
The Ultimate Post Event Checklist

An checklist for all steps necessary to close out your event before heading to the beach

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We recommend that you review all your reporting & analytics to gain insights into which aspects of your event resonated the most with your audience. You may also need to share many of these reports with stakeholders within your organization or your sponsors.


We recommend creating a post event survey to send to your audience to gather their feedback. Visit your event in the admin site, visit Materials, and one of the options for adding materials will be Create Survey

Here's a link to our collection of Survey knowledge articles

Example of a Post Event Survey

Example of the Survey the attendees see


Make sure you create Collections and place your content into those collections.

Recommend Content

  • Recordings!

  • Presentation Decks

  • Videos

  • Surveys


Every photo, video and GIF posted to your Live Feed is available on a special Moments website. To view the Moments website, visit Live Feed in the admin site and select the Moments button

Selecting the button will open up the Moments website. You may share this link, download all photos, videos, GIFs or share/download each one individually.


In your final email to your attendees, which you may use the Welcome Email template or Notification email for, consider including the following:

  • Celebratory & Thankful Message

  • Link to On-Demand Recordings

  • Reference how long the event will be open for accessing the content and continued networking

  • Link to Post Event Survey

  • Share the Moments website

  • Promote any upcoming events

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