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Live Feed - Moderating the Live Feed (Admin Only)
Live Feed - Moderating the Live Feed (Admin Only)

An overview of your options as an admin to highlight and moderate your Live Feed

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There are a few options available to you as an admin for moderating or highlighting posts in your Live Feed.

Editing Posts

With your own posts or other attendee posts, you will have the option to edit their post. Tap on the Options button and select Edit Post.

You will be brought to the Edit Post screen once you select Edit Post.

Deleting Posts

For further moderation, you will also have the option to Delete Post from the Options button.

You will be given the option to confirm that you would like to delete the post.

Saving as a Top Moment

If you see a post you love, as an admin, you will be able to select Add to Top Moments.

This will add the post to your Top 25 Moments at the event on your Moments website:

To learn more about Moments, visit our Moments article.

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