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Live Feed - Moments Website

An overview on your Moments website and available options for sharing

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We wanted to create a single website where all of your event's moments are captured for your to remember forever. As attendees post to your Live Feed, your Moments website will automatically update.

Top Moments

Your top moments will be the Top 25 posts based upon Likes, Comments and saving as a Top Moment.

Viewing a Post

You may tap on any Post to view the full post, likes and comments.

On this Post details screen, you will be able to Download or Copy Share Link to distribute to your audience.

Copy Share Link

You may select Copy Share Link to share the full Moments website with your audience.

View Slideshow

You may select View Slideshow to make the website turn into slideshow mode.

It will rotate photos every 5 seconds. This is great to use at live events to place on your presentation screens when attendees enter the room or on TV screens in the Foyers during breaks.


You may select Download to download the entire list of photos as a Zip file to repurpose in other platforms you'd like.

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