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New Updates for Week of June 12, 2024
New Updates for Week of June 12, 2024
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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.

Account Management

πŸ’š Privacy Enhancement: Added a setting at the account level in admin to hide customer phone numbers, from both users and admins when viewing on the app or web.


πŸ’š Custom Grouping: Enhanced the location availability feature to allow grouping appointments by single-select custom fields, improving organization and display options.

πŸ’š ICS Calendar Invites: Made updates for when appointments are sent via ICS calendar invites to internal attendees, including a new settings option in the appointments form to opt not to send ICS invites to internal attendees. We also ensure they see appointment custom fields in ICS invites.

πŸ’š Administrative Group Visibility: Ensured groups configured to be 'administrative only' are still displayed across all appointment filters for better management.

πŸ’š Bulk Actions Restrictions: Regular users can no longer delete appointments via bulk actions. Also, regular users are notified when selecting all appointments that it excludes those they cannot edit, ensuring strict access and control.

πŸ’š Reschedule Functionality: Updated the rescheduling functionality for canceled appointments to clear all room assignments automatically and also updated the related copy for clarity.

πŸ’š Bulk Select Restrictions: Updated bulk select options for regular users to exclude appointments without edit rights, maintaining strict access control.

πŸ’š Conflict Screen Setting: Added a feature for admins to hide scheduler contact details on the appointment conflict screen. This update makes the notification simpler by only alerting users of the conflict and offering a way to ask for a new time.

🐞 Objective Settings: Fixed an issue where the Objectives Required/Not Required setting was not respected per each account setting.


πŸ’š Registration Cap: Added new logic allowing to set how many appointments can be booked for each date and time slot per company representative, making it more flexible.

πŸ’š Multiple Appointments Booking: Enabled the ability to book more than one appointment per company, increasing flexibility for event organizers.


πŸ’š Profile Enhancements: Updated the customer profile PDF export to include attendee invite status in the appointments listed, providing more comprehensive customer engagement information.

πŸ’š Resource Management: Implemented functionality to upload and view resources in customer profiles, enhancing resource accessibility.


πŸ’š Timezone Verification Update: Enhanced event setup to prompt admins to verify the timezone when core event coordinates (country, city, zip code) are changed, ensuring event timing accuracy. The timezone display now includes additional details for clarity.


πŸ’š Groups Setting Update: Updated the description for the "Hide from Group List" setting. It now explains that hidden groups can still be used for filtering, schedule assignments, and selecting appointment attendees.


🐞 Logic Update: Ensured that the admin's messaging rules are followed on profile pages. If you need to connect with someone before messaging, the button to message on the motto will not appear if you're not connected.


🐞 Import Functionality: Fixed an issue where the import did not detect valid URLs, enhancing the reliability of data imports.


🐞 People Management: Fixed an issue where users from different accounts showed a 404 error when admins tried to view their profiles. Now, a tooltip indicates that the user is from another company and cannot be edited by admins. This update enhances access controls and clarifies user connections across accounts.

🐞 Groups Filter: Fixed the groups filter on the attendee list view in admin to preview the complete list of groups.


🐞 Event Name Display: Corrected the title casing issue on event registration pages, ensuring the event name is displayed exactly as entered.


πŸ’š Customer Assignment: Added functionality to include or clear all other manually assigned customers when adding multiple customers to a schedule item, streamlining attendee management.

πŸ’š Export Enhancements: Added full schedule 'assigned to' columns with people and group names showing in exports, improving data organization.

🐞 Options Issues: Fixed an error where disabling 'enable attendee list visibility' didn't persist after saving the schedule item.

🐞 Disclaimer Issues: Fixed an error where editing the check-in disclaimer threw an error and didn't allow the text to be entered or updated for a schedule item.

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