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New Updates for Week of May 13, 2024
New Updates for Week of May 13, 2024
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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Filter Updates: Updated the filtering logic for custom fields on appointments to apply 'AND' logic instead of 'OR'. This change ensures that filtering by multiple custom fields will refine the list of results more accurately, displaying appointments that meet all specified criteria.

πŸ’š Request Invite Tooltip: Added a tooltip to the "Send Request" button on the appointment request invite form, providing users with helpful guidance on its functionality.

🐞 Appointment Request Form: Fixed an issue where the request form auto-submitted when adding a new customer through the 'People' field. This update ensures that users can complete their inputs before submission.


πŸ’š Engagements Visibility: Updated the visibility settings for schedule items listed on customer profiles. Schedule items now respect the visibility settings of each schedule item, ensuring that only relevant details are displayed to authorized attendees.

Live Feed

πŸ’š Content Filtering Review: Conducted a thorough review of content filtering mechanisms for Twitter feeds in the live feed core, enhancing the relevance and appropriateness of displayed content.


πŸ’š Image Upload Improvements: Enhanced the image upload process for new maps in the admin panel, making it clearer where the image will be used within our platform.


🐞 Header Display on Small Screens: Addressed alignment and visibility issues with header CTAs and dropdowns on small screens, improving user interface consistency and accessibility.

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