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New Updates for Week of May 6, 2024
New Updates for Week of May 6, 2024

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Appointment Edit: Updated the logic to make the organizer be required by default when added as an appointment attendee.

πŸ’š Time Increment Update: Adjusted the start time increments in the 'Ask Customer' links to 30 minutes for appointments with 60 or 120 minutes durations, enhancing scheduling flexibility.

πŸ’š Bulk Action: Udpated appointment bulk action by moving all email-type bulk actions to the contact options drop-down.

πŸ’š Link to Map in ICS: Ensured links to maps appear in our plain text ICS invites, aiding attendees in locating venues easily.

πŸ’š Email Customization: Introduced the ability to edit the text in appointment request form submission and confirmation emails within the admin.

πŸ’š Secondary Customer Emails: Enabled sending 'Ask Customer' emails to secondary customer email addresses (when available), broadening communication reach.

🐞 Email Attributes: Addressed an issue in the 'Ask Customer' emails to correctly add the contact option links instead of just showing the attribute names used in the template set up.

🐞 Filter Options: Updated the Priority filter to include a 'Not Selected' option, ensuring comprehensive filtering capabilities.

🐞 Template Error: Fixed error message for appointment templates showing when trying to create a new template.

🐞 Time Zone Consistency: Addressed inconsistencies in time zone displays by aligning the appointment activity notes with the event time zone. Both the activity notes and the appointment details uniformly reflect the event time zone for clearer communication.


🐞 Appointment Booking: Addressed issues with booking appointments from different time zones to ensure consistency and the ability to see appointment times in a different time zone.


πŸ’š Team Management: Added import and export functionality to streamline the process of managing competition teams.


πŸ’š Email Input Flexibility: Enhanced customer lists to allow pasting in multiple customer emails simultaneously, simplifying data entry.


πŸ’š UI Improvements: Continued to refine the UI for filter and column designs for a better user experience.


πŸ’š URL Validation: Implemented error checks for URL links used in home text tiles, ensuring valid and reliable links.

πŸ’š Tile Updates: Added an admin option to remove the grey tile overlay from home tiles for a cleaner look.

🐞 Content Tile Error: Fixed errors related to linking content tiles to custom pages.


🐞 Color Themes: Addressed issues with custom color themes not displaying as expected on custom menu items, ensuring consistent branding.


πŸ’š Attendee Management: Updated the text displayed in empty states when adding people as attendees to an event in admin, making it clearer and more informative.

πŸ’š Custom Fields: Introduced a new multi-select dropdown custom field for profiles. This allows for the selection of multiple options from a predefined list, enhancing data collection and user profile customization by providing more flexibility in capturing user preferences and attributes.


🐞 Survey Dashboard: Addressed some survey reporting display discrepancies in our survey dashboards to ensure data is represented as captured in the reports themselves.


πŸ’š Flight Accessibility: Made the flight feature page available to all types of users on the web, enhancing travel planning visibility.

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