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Edit or Delete an Appointment

Overview of how to edit or delete an appointment.

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Sometimes things don't always work out. Need to change or cancel an appointment all together? Not a problem.

Edit an Appointment

To edit one of your appointments, tap on the option icon next to the appointment that you wish to edit (•••) and select Edit.

From here you can change any details of your appointment. Your attendees will be notified if you change the date, time or location.

Cancel an Appointment

To cancel an appointment, tap on the option icon next to the appointment (•••) and select Cancel.

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to cancel. Your invitee will be notified that an appointment has been cancelled. Note: Cancelling an appointment is permanent.

Note: You may edit any of your own appointments. If you've made an appointment on someone's behalf, both the creator and designated host will be able to edit the appointment.

Have a great meeting!

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