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How to create a New Appointment (Mobile)
How to create a New Appointment (Mobile)

How to get a meeting on the books

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Accessing Appointments

To create a new appointment, first visit the menu by swiping right inside the app. From here tap on "Appointments" within the navigation menu. . 

note: depending on your event configuration, Appointments may be named something different, such as Scheduling or Meetings. However, you can always find appointments by locating the green watch icon. If you cannot locate the icon in the menu, the event administrator may need to enable appointments for the event.

Creating a New Appointments

Step 1. Create New Appointment - Tap on the plus sign ( + ) in the upper-right hand corner to begin creating an appointment. 

Step 2. Details - Input your Appointment Name, Date & Time, and Duration of your appointment.

Step 3. Select a Host - By default you are selected as the host, but you may tap on "Edit" to select another host. (appointments may only have one host).

Step 4. Select Invitees - Tap on People to add your invitees from the list. You may also search the names of individuals to add, as well as Create Person if you do not see the individual you'd like to invite.

Step 5. Select Location - Find an available meeting room and set the time by tapping on an open time slot. You can increase the duration by pressing the plus and minus buttons. 

Note: Unavailable time slots are noted by gray stripes. If you can't find a time slot works for you, you can update the date of the appointment by selecting a new date.

Step 6. Notes (optional) - Add a note to your invitees that will appear in their invite and appointment details. Notes can be configured from the admin site to only be shown internally.  

Step 7. Email Invites - Select whether to send email invitations to your invitees. This option is set to send email invites by default. 

And that's it! 

Have a great meeting!

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