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New Updates for Week of April 1, 2024
New Updates for Week of April 1, 2024

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Custom Fields: Added support for multi-select custom fields in the appointments form, enhancing data collection and flexibility when planning your engagements.

πŸ’š Email Resources: Resources are now included in appointment update emails to keep attendees informed and help them keep track of important information.

πŸ’š User Visibility: Made appointment priorities visible to users, aiding in better appointment management.

πŸ’š Request Form Improvements: Introduced the ability to save views within the request form and added multi-select support for custom fields, streamlining the appointment request process.

πŸ’š Partner Appointments: For appointments with many partners from various companies, we've ensured that only the internal attendees related to the main and specific sub-events are displayed respectively. This enhances understanding and relevance.

🐞 List View: Addressed an issue where saved appointment times disappeared from the list view display after saving.


πŸ’š Company Management: Enhanced the process of copying companies from other events for simpler setup and management.

πŸ’š Canceled Appointments: Implemented emails to the appointment requestor or company representative when an appointment is canceled, ensuring clear communication.

πŸ’š Appointment Confirmation Attributes: Continued enhancements allow adding specific attributes to appointment confirmation emails.


πŸ’š Customer Lists: Added a "Topics" field to the Create/Edit flow of customer lists, allowing for more detailed customer segmentation.

Custom Pages

πŸ’š Custom Page Duplication: Made it possible to copy custom pages from other events or at the account level, making content creation easier.


πŸ’š Event Duplication: Introduced an option to copy custom pages when duplicating an event, facilitating smoother event setup.


πŸ’š Saved Views: Improved the 'Saved View' always to save your settings. This includes column setup, filter selection, and view arrangement, providing a consistent way to personalize your experience.


πŸ’š Check-In List Enhancement: Enhanced check-in list management for event organizers. The new interface for each check-in list has a search field, filter options, and a complete list of all internal attendees and customers. You can also export the list directly from here, making attendee management easier.


πŸ’š Custom Fields: Added support for multi-select custom fields on the event registration form, enriching the data collection capabilities during registration.


🐞 Track Management: Addressed a 'Page Not Found' issue when a default track with multiple track types was enabled, ensuring smooth navigation.


πŸ’š Admin Access Update: Made the travel feature accessible to all admins of our platform. They can now enable it for events and add travel plans for their attendees.

🐞 Editing Travel Plans: Resolved problems that stopped event organizers from changing travel details for users linked to a different company than the event.

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