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User Guide to Accessing Travel Plans
User Guide to Accessing Travel Plans
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Cadence offers multiple intuitive pathways for you to access and manage your travel itineraries. Whether you prefer to view your travel details directly from the event home page, through a dedicated menu, or via your personal profile, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can access your travel plans with ease:

Accessing Travel Plans via the Dedicated Travel Menu:

  1. Sign in to your account and land on your event dashboard.

  2. On the main navigation menu, find and click on the ‘Travel’ menu item. This will take you to a dedicated section where you can find all your travel plans neatly organized.

  3. Here, you can explore detailed itineraries of your upcoming trips, check the status of ongoing journeys, or review the travel history of past events.

Viewing Travel Details Through Your Profile:

  1. Click on your profile icon or name at the top corner of the platform to enter your profile.

  2. Within your profile, look for the travel plans section, symbolized by a travel icon and label.

  3. Clicking on this section will navigate you to your full travel page providing a comprehensive view of your next scheduled travel, with the option to dive deeper into specifics such as flight numbers, hotel reservations, and transfer details.

Utilizing the Home Tile for Quick Glance Information (if enabled):

  1. On the home page of the event, if enabled by the administrator, a Home Tile will dynamically showcase your next scheduled travel. This integration provides you with a quick snapshot of essential travel details without needing to navigate away from the event’s main page.

  2. The Home Tile is thoughtfully designed to prioritize the display of upcoming travel plans while subtly indicating the presence of concurrent travels. This ensures that upcoming travels don't overshadow ongoing events but remain within easy reach for your awareness.

  3. Should you wish to see a more detailed itinerary, the Home Tile includes a ‘View Full Travel Itinerary’ link. This serves as a direct conduit to your event-related travel information, saving you time and keeping you on track.

Security and Access:

Rest assured, your travel details are exclusively accessible to you and the event’s administrators. This ensures a focused and secure approach to managing your itinerary. Only the user assigned to a particular travel plan and the administrators with the appropriate privileges have the ability to view and manage these details.

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