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Setting Up Travel Plans
Setting Up Travel Plans
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Efficiently coordinate your attendees' travel arrangements with a clear and detailed travel plan. The process begins in your admin panel and sets the stage for a streamlined travel management experience.

Step 1: Navigate to the Travel Section

  • Sign in to your event's admin panel.

  • Click on the ‘Travel’ menu to access the travel planning feature.

Step 2: Begin a New Travel Plan

  • Select ‘Add Travel Plan’ to create a new travel plan and itinerary.

  • Assign a ‘Travel Name’ that encapsulates the purpose, like "Delegate's Trip to ESMO 2023."

Step 3: Link to an Attendee

  • Use the 'USER EMAIL' field to tie the travel plan to an attendee. You can search by their first name, last name, or email.

Step 4: Connect to Specific Events

  • Under ‘SELECT EVENTS’, choose the event associated with this travel plan, ensuring that all details correlate correctly for the attendee.

Step 5: Comment for Context

  • Add any pertinent comments in the provided section to communicate extra details or special instructions to the attendee.

Step 6: Save and Review

  • After entering the necessary information, save the plan to make it accessible to the linked attendee under their private Travel menu.

  • Only the attendee and administrators will be able to view these travel details, maintaining privacy.

Step 7: Input Travel Itinerary Information

  • Refer to the dedicated article on adding travel itineraries for detailed instructions on entering specific travel details such as flights, hotel accommodations, and transportation.

Remember you can always preview the travel plans for each attendee by clicking on the 'Preview' link next to their plans.

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