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Enabling the Travel Feature for Your Event
Enabling the Travel Feature for Your Event
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💡 This feature is available for Enterprise events.

To provide attendees with a seamless travel experience, event admin can activate the Travel feature within the event’s admin panel. This centralized feature allows administrators to manage travel plans and itineraries, ensuring that attendees have up-to-date travel information at their fingertips. Here's how to enable the Travel feature:

Step 1: Go to the Event Menu

As an admin, log in and navigate to the ‘Event Setup’ section found in the sidebar. Click on ‘Menu’ to manage the event’s navigation items.

Step 2: Incorporate the Travel Menu Item

Locate and click on the ‘+’ icon at the top of the Menu section to unveil additional features. Select ‘Enable Menu Item’ to proceed.

Step 3: Select the Travel Option

A list of available menu items will be displayed. Find and select ‘Travel’, which adds the Travel feature to your event menu.

Step 4: Configure Travel Itineraries

With the Travel menu item now added, you can begin to enter and organize travel details for your attendees, such as flights, hotels, and ground transportation.

Step 5: Save the Configuration

Ensure that you save your settings to make the Travel feature live on your admin panel. This action allows you to start curating travel plans for attendees.

Important Note on User Permissions:

Please note that attendees cannot add or edit their own travel plans or itineraries. All travel arrangements must be entered and managed by an event admin. Attendees will be able to view their travel details through the event web or app, ensuring that they have access to the necessary information without the ability to alter it.

By enabling the Travel feature, you’re providing a comprehensive service that streamlines the travel management process, keeps attendees informed, and enhances the overall event experience.

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