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New Updates for Week of March 18, 2024
New Updates for Week of March 18, 2024

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Room Availability: Displaying a validation message now for dates when rooms are not open, improving appointment scheduling clarity.

πŸ’š Resources in Calendar Invites: Appointment invites now have the option to include resources, making it easier for attendees to access relevant materials directly from their calendars.

πŸ’š Customizable Columns: Updated my & all appointment list views on the web, introducing customizable columns. Users can select which columns they want to see, creating a personalized view that fits their needs.

πŸ’š Status Tooltips: Introduced informative tooltips for each status on the metrics bar, providing clearer insights into appointment statuses at a glance.


πŸ’š Customizable Columns: Added flexible column customization to the collection content list view. Choose and adjust the columns to display only the needed information, ensuring a streamlined content overview.


πŸ’š Company Groups Enhancements: Displaying the number of companies assigned to each group with added functionality to edit these assignments, offering improved group management.

πŸ’š Custom Email Attributes: Added more attributes to the appointment confirmation emails, allowing for further personalizing communications.

πŸ’š Appointment Date Warning: Added a message to alert admins when company appointments are scheduled outside of event dates, preventing scheduling conflicts.

🐞 Email Customization: Fixed an issue where the "Email From" field wasn't updating properly for the appointment confirmation email.


🐞 Profile Attendance Selection: Resolved an issue with the attendance status dropdown in customer profiles not displaying correctly and causing users to take extra steps to get the right display.


πŸ’š Event Duplication: Refined the process for duplicating events, ensuring a seamless transition of event details. When choosing to include or exclude companies during duplication, the system accurately maintains the intended setup for each scenario.


πŸ’š Export Pop-Up Improvements: Updated the export pop-up on admin with clearer button verbiage and behavior, enhancing user understanding and interaction.

🐞 Header Display: Fixed an issue where the Support and Checklist options were not appearing on many page headers in the admin, improving navigation and resource access.


πŸ’š Customizable Columns: Enhanced the leads list view with customizable column options, allowing for a more tailored overview of lead information. Select and organize columns to match your preferences, and enhance your workflow.


πŸ’š Custom Login Text: The login page now supports custom text when an event is not in review or deactivated status, offering organizers more flexibility in communication.


πŸ’š Nested Menu Item Workflow: Improved the workflow for adding custom pages to nested menu items, making menu customization more intuitive and preventing unnecessary extra clicks.


πŸ’š Registration Pop-Up: Added a new pop-up notification for when a registered attendee is removed and a waitlisted user is moved to become registered. This ensures clear communication of the changes and allows the option to send emails to the affected.

πŸ’š Saved View: Added the ability to allow users to create and customize 'Saved Views' for schedule items, with options to filter by criteria like track, date, or speaker. These views can be set as the default and shared, streamlining schedule management on the web.


🐞 Speaker Email Edits: Corrected an issue where the speaker's email was not allowed to get updated on admin when a speaker was linked to a user profile.

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