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New Updates for Week of March 4, 2024
New Updates for Week of March 4, 2024

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Resources Settings: Updated resources to be set to private by default, enhancing privacy controls. The label and copy have been updated to more closely match this change.

πŸ’š Bulk Actions: Introduced a new bulk action that allows easier resource uploading for multiple appointments.

🐞 Appointment Template: Fixed an issue where the "Enable Rescheduling" option wasn't persisting when set to off and the template was saved.

🐞 Custom Fields: Removed the 'Admin Only' option for custom fields to simplify field management.


πŸ’š Email Customization: Admins can now customize the appointment confirmation emails to requestors for enhanced personalization.

πŸ’š Appointment and Chat Fields: Revised explainer copy for options related to appointments and chats fields on admin to communicate the changes work on both web and app.


πŸ’š Competition Duration: Added validation to prevent invalid date combinations, ensuring a more accurate competition setup.


πŸ’š Customizable Columns: Revamped the column design and behavior on the web for the list view. A user can pick and choose the columns as needed and can save column selections along with their filtered saved views.

πŸ’š External Engagements: Added the management of external engagements with new export and import capabilities, along with a dedicated menu for streamlined handling at the account level. This feature is only supported in beta for internal use at this moment.


🐞 Clear Search: Resolved an issue where clearing a search on the web did not clear the list results, improving user experience.

Live Feed

πŸ’š Visibility Settings: Introduced a setting to limit the visibility of each created feed, allowing for more targeted communication.


πŸ’š Attendee Import: Addressed an error that occurred when adding attendees via XLS/CSV, ensuring a smoother import process.


πŸ’š Capacity Updates: Continued improvements on editing waitlist capacities within the admin for when the sign-up confirmation email is disabled.

πŸ’š Import Template: Introduced the ability to import the speakers for schedule items via the template, making it easier to associate speakers with their respective sessions.

🐞 Full Schedule Visibility: Resolved an issue with the attendance type setting, ensuring it displays correctly without needing to specify item visibility first. The setting now accurately represents the current configuration, enhancing clarity and ease of use.


πŸ’š Video Controls: Addressed the absence of a mute option for embedded videos, ensuring a more user-friendly and flexible viewing experience.

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