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New Updates for Week of February 19, 2024
New Updates for Week of February 19, 2024

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Requesting Invite: Made an update when a requested invite is approved. The approver will now see the option to send the added atttendee an invite email or just add them without sending any communication.

πŸ’š Request Form: Introduced an automatic confirmation email that is sent to individuals as soon as they submit an appointment request form, ensuring they're promptly informed their request has been received.

πŸ’š Send Resources: Introduced a 'Send Material With Invite' option, allowing you to attach materials to invites. Choose who gets them: all attendees, just customers, or only internal attendees, with 'All Attendees' as the default.

🐞 Bulk Actions: The personal message placeholder was not visible in the email preview when sending emails through bulk actions. This issue has been resolved to ensure all message contents are correctly displayed.

🐞 Email Templates: Fixed formatting issues in the preview mode to improve clarity and consistency.


πŸ’š Engagements: Added functionality to include external previous engagement history in customer profiles on admin, allowing for a more comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Custom Pages

🐞 Web Display: Fixed an issue where the horizontal position of custom pages was changing with the scrollbar.


πŸ’š Calendar View: Introduced a new calendar display view for events on the web, offering users a comprehensive and interactive overview. This intuitive interface showcases all scheduled events at a glance but also allows users to effortlessly find and directly jump into specific events or register for them, enhancing navigation and user engagement.

🐞 Event Wizard: Addressed an error that occurred when trying to set an event as an external event preventing event creation.


🐞 Admin Attendee Groups: The search bar now clears as expected when selecting the 'X', improving the user interface.


πŸ’š File Support: Enabled support for animated Webp and GIF files, ensuring they display correctly across the platform.


🐞 Custom Fields: Resolved an issue with custom fields in leads, removing added extra spaces that would result in imports failing to update for the fields.

Live Feed

🐞 Gallery View: Fixed the broken layout in gallery view when no posts have been made.


🐞 Menu Edits: Addressed an error message preventing the removal of excluded people/groups and fixed an issue that would not allow reverting custom labels to the original from the menu view.


πŸ’š Channel Setups: Made additional design updates and enhanced the user experience for adding users to channels, including when no search results are found or when the state is empty.


πŸ’š Import Template: Added informational copy to the notification header and body columns of the import template, providing clearer guidance.


🐞 Groups: Fixed the format for displaying last modified timestamps in groups, ensuring consistency across the platform.


🐞 Custom Fields: Addressed a critical issue where users were unable to see all the profile fields they had filled out during the onboarding process. Previously, the system did not retain a record of these fields, requiring users to fill them out again.


🐞 Schedule Access: Fixed an issue with data related to schedule item access by users during events, ensuring accurate and reliable data retrieval.


πŸ’š Sign-Up Confirmation: Updated the confirmation email settings to function independently from the registration and waitlist setting, now named 'Sign-Up Confirmation'. This enhancement enables the sending of confirmation emails for schedule items, even when registration is not enabled, ensuring participants can receive timely and clear communication.

πŸ’š Edit Waitlist: Enhanced the waitlist management for schedule items with registration and waitlists enabled. Admins now can rearrange the waitlist order through a simple drag-and-drop interface, offering more control over participant priority.

πŸ’š Capacity Updates: Made it easier to manage the number of attendees. Now, when you change capacity and decide how many people can join a schedule item, the system will ask if you want to send emails to people who are moved onto or off the waitlist. This means better communication with attendees as you adjust schedule item capacities.

πŸ’š Bulk Actions: Introduced another set of new bulk actions to (1) update any custom fields and (2) enable or disable the full schedule along with registration & waitlist settings.

πŸ’š Time Display: Updated the time display in both the Appointments and Schedule pages. The option to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour formats has been relocated within the filter bar, under Time Settings. This change consolidates time-related adjustments, including timezone configurations, in a single, accessible location.

🐞 Adding Tracks: Fixed an error that showed when adding a new track within the new schedule item creation page on admin.


🐞 Dashboard: Addressed discrepancies in percentage calculations and display between the legend and graphs, ensuring accurate and reliable survey results.

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