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New Updates for Week of December 18, 2023
New Updates for Week of December 18, 2023

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Made several updates to the analytics dashboard on admin: added better support for beacon data display, introduced a new error validation message for when incompatible chart types are selected when trying to save a new metric, and made improvements to the display of available graph types.


πŸ’š Improved the room location page so that when you choose a date and time for a room, you can either create a new appointment or select from an existing one. This will make securing a room even easier.

πŸ’š Made an update to the ask customer pages logic. Initially, the customer will see available time slots at standard intervals (for example on the hour and half-hour). If 'odd' times (non-standard intervals) become available now, these will then also be displayed as additional slot suggestions for customers to choose from.

πŸ’š Introduced an update to the email template creation process. Now, when selecting appointment contact options and sending to customers, you can choose to send the email based on the customer's invite status (accepted, tentative, declined, or pending).

πŸ’š Added a new bulk action for appointments to easily update any or all of the appointment custom fields.

πŸ’š Made it possible for an admin to set the acceptable duration times for the appointment request form via the setup options.

πŸ’š Added a new column to the appointment attendance status report for 'Attendee Type'.

🐞 Resolved a problem where canceled appointments from the ICS invite on Outlook were not being displayed correctly in that status.


πŸ’š Introduced a new filter design for listing pages on the web, offering a compact and updated refine filter. This design enables users to view filter results without the filter options covering the entire page as it has done before.


πŸ’š Added the ability to track when users click on home tiles on the web.


πŸ’š Implemented the ability for the creation of custom fields for our internal leads created in admin. This means that admins can now import leads with custom field information and also export them.


πŸ’š Made an update that lets admins exclude specific individuals or groups from seeing certain menu items. This is in addition to being able to assign who can view them.


πŸ’š Made an update to the notification import template by adding a new column that allows linking of a website.

🐞 Addressed an issue that would show an error message when the admin tried to access a notification at the account level in the admin.


🐞 Fixed a problem where admins couldn't remove multiple attendees from an event and would receive an error message instead.

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