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New Updates for Week of October 9, 2023
New Updates for Week of October 9, 2023

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Updated the My Appointments list for attendees to include all appointments in each status, as long as you are an organizer, scheduler, or just an attendee. This is a change from the previous view which excluded certain statuses.

πŸ’š Added the capability for the appointment name to select customer attributes associated with custom fields, thus providing greater flexibility when setting up appointment templates.

πŸ’š Introduced a 'Saved View' option for the appointment room availability filters.

πŸ’š Made an update to the appointment request form, enabling the creation of a new customer record if no existing customer is present.

πŸ’š Added the capability to designate the visibility of an appointment resource as either private and visible only to attendees, or visible to any non-attendee of an appointment.

🐞 Resolved an issue that caused the 'save changes' prompt to appear when exiting the attendee availability window on the appointment edit page, despite no changes being made.

🐞 Addressed an issue that would not load all appointments on the app due to a limit we had put in place to help with the loading of appointments.

🐞 Implemented an update to address a difficult-to-detect issue that prevented the delivery of appointment thank-you emails (only happened for a day luckily!).


🐞 Addressed an issue that would throw an error whenever you tried to duplicate an event.

🐞 Implemented an update to resolve the issue of an error message appearing when attempting to access the events listing page on the web.


πŸ’š Implemented a new look for our header display to ensure a more uniform display and to facilitate understanding through the use of easily recognizable icons.


πŸ’š Removed the default notification filter so it shows notifications in all statuses for easier review.


πŸ’š Added the ability to add an image into the body of our email templates when creating them on admin.


πŸ’š Introduced the ability for attendees to upload resources to their profiles, such as a resume or biography. The account owner has the option to disable this functionality for their users.


πŸ’š Updated the schedule import to include a new column for 'companies' which are soon to be supported to display on the web and app.

πŸ’š Added language translation support for 'Ask A Question' tied to schedule items. In order for this to work Weglot translations would need to be enabled.

πŸ’š Updated the Elective Registration Report to include a column for groups, which will indicate the group(s) an attendee belongs to.


πŸ’š Added the ability to edit the text displayed for the 'Contact Event Support' pop-up to customize messaging as you see fit for your event.


🐞 Fixed labels on the survey results dashboard to clarify what the data represents.


πŸ’š Updated the flights page to show the airport codes and city, state, or country for the departure and arrival airports.

πŸ’š Logic has been updated to ensure that all upcoming travel plans associated with an event are visible to the user, regardless of the date.

πŸ’š Implemented an adjustment to ensure that the full flight number code, including the airline code, is always displayed for a flight.

πŸ’š Incorporated a generic airline logo to be displayed when the appropriate logo for the airline cannot be identified.

πŸ’š Made further layout and design modifications to the individual user travel pages as well as the flights page to improve user experience.

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