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New Updates for Week of August 28, 2023
New Updates for Week of August 28, 2023

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Implemented further updates to the new appointment custom fields for the form, enabling the ability to mark fields as required and adding a flag to make the field available for internal attendees only, thus hiding the field from customer invites.

πŸ’š Added the ability at the account level to make edits to the automated emails sent when customers and internal attendees confirm appointments.

πŸ’š Added a static calendar ICS download button on the appointment confirmation page for customers. To enable this setting for all of your appointments, please let us know and we will be happy to set this up for your account.


πŸ’š Added the ability to bulk actions for the Attending/Not Attending list to bulk remove customers from the list.

πŸ’š Implemented the ability for customer lists to be sharable at the account level.

🐞 Solved a problem with customer lists when all customers were selected for the bulk action. The selection only featured the first customers loaded on the list and only after the user scrolled to load more customers would the rest be counted into the bulk action.

🐞 Addressed an issue where copying customer lists would cause newly created lists to break and appointments made from them to be uneditable. This was due to Objectives being transferred from one list to another.


🐞 Fixed an issue that showed an error every time materials were deleted on the admin at the account level.


πŸ’šAdded a new custom menu item for an events filter view. Admins can set up a default filtered view of events with criteria that they want their users to see. So you for example can easily display events that are happening in a specific year without users needing to filter them.


🐞 Resolved the issue of the survey summary screen appearing to users even when it was set to not show.

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