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New Updates for Week of May 22, 2023
New Updates for Week of May 22, 2023

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.

Account Management

πŸ’š Added a static calendar ICS download button on the appointment confirmation page for internal attendees. To enable this setting for all of your appointments, please let us know and we will be happy to set this up for your account.


πŸ’š Implemented a new feature that allows you to link two events together and add any attendee from the partner event to your appointments. The partner attendee in return can then view a read-only version of the appointment in their own event. With this, we can foster more collaboration while still ensuring that events stay secure and only available to your company's attendees.

πŸ’š Introduced a new toggle feature on our appointment form. With this toggle, you can now choose whether or not an appointment can be rescheduled. If you decide to disable rescheduling, your customers will not receive a link to reschedule in their emails.

πŸ’š Removed the dependency on the send invites appointments toggle that would determine if a customer would be sent the ICS calendar invite email after their attendance gets confirmed. Additionally, on web, we've added functionality that will ask if you'd like to trigger the ICS email when manually updating a customer's status to confirmed or tentative.

πŸ’š Made an update to appointments in canceled status to be able to see the activity notes icon for easy access.

πŸ’š Added a new column for 'country' to the Appointments Attendance Report.

🐞 Taken care of an issue that was causing confusion when previewing appointment emails, as the timezone wasn't being shown correctly by default.

🐞 Addressed an issue with the validation message when rescheduling appointments to now correctly display the name of the event the appointment is being moved to.


πŸ’š For event, schedule item, and appointment check-ins we now show an indicator on the checked-in status when a signature was taken by the attendee.


🐞 Fixed an issue that would still list company reps on the web that were added to company pages but then removed as event attendees.


πŸ’š Introduced a new option for shared customer lists. You can now easily choose which lists you want to receive updates on right from the customer list view by simply clicking on the 'bell' icon. Depending on your selection you will receive a summary email of all lists that had changes made to them.

πŸ’š Improved the 'last updated' logic for our customer list to include any customers that have been added, removed, or had notes associated with them.

πŸ’š We added the ability to select a customer's attendance status when they are marked as confirmed for an appointment and their attendance has not been set yet.

🐞 Addressed an issue that would display an error copy on customers' engagement history.

Event Management

πŸ’š Updated Event Manager logic that now allows them to make edits to the appointment and check-in configurations for rooms for any event.

πŸ’š Made an update to inform admins when duplicating an event that home tiles and event-specific links related to your old event won't be transferred over and you'll need to set up new links for the new event.

🐞 Fixed an issue with our universal links that you can create on the admin page under Links & QR Codes. Unfortunately, some of the links created for menu items were not working correctly and were redirecting users to the home page of the events.


πŸ’š Made some smaller design improvements on the web for our list views and overall main view.


🐞 Fixed a display issue for connection requests when viewing from the people list view.


πŸ’š Made some helpful edits to the check-in reports for events, appointments, and schedule items. This will make it easier for admins and event organizers to keep track of who has checked in and who hasn't.


πŸ’š Made Personal Zoom functionality for schedule items available on the admin pages. Now you can trigger the Zoom authentication email to hosts and alternative hosts on the schedule item edit form. Additionally, you can open and manage any Zoom meeting on the Zoom Platform from the same page.

πŸ’š Added a tab structure to the schedule item check-ins, so you can easily view the list by attendee or customer, or see them all together.

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