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New Updates for Week of May 8, 2023
New Updates for Week of May 8, 2023

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.


πŸ’š Updated the appointment attendee display to show the number of attendees who have checked in and the number of no-shows.

πŸ’š Improved the appointment invite emails to further help protect against bots responding on behalf of the email recipient.

πŸ’š Added the ability to add large numbers of attendees to an appointment with ease using our new Excel import.

πŸ’š Included the option of formatting the email copy for ask customer emails before you confirm the bulk action.


πŸ’š Implemented the ability to save your refine filters for the customer master list and provide the option to share it with someone for events.

🐞 Improved the way customers share lists with others by making it easier to search for and add people. This will help to increase visibility.


πŸ’š Added new functionality to the registration settings on admin - now you can edit the event calendar invite copy that attendees can download on the registration page or from their registration confirmation email.

πŸ’š Gave the copy for our post-event creation email a little refresher.

🐞 Fixed the universal links for admins to create for their event for the compete feature. Before, users were being redirected to the home page instead of the compete menu items.


🐞 Fixed a display issue on the left-hand menu on the web displaying a cut-off error message.


🐞 Addressed an issue for clearing notifications that initially displayed messages as cleared not keeping the connection request, which always should remain for visibility.


πŸ’š Updated the schedule attendee check-in display to show the number of attendees who have checked in and the number of no-shows.

πŸ’š Made updates to the Personal Zoom-enabled integration. When creating a schedule item using Zoom it allows the host to access the meeting within the actual Zoom platform at any time before the meeting is starting. This will provide the ability to configure the Zoom with things such as adding poll questions or breakout rooms to the meeting well in advance.

πŸ’š Added columns to the schedule import to mark if schedule items should have check-ins enabled.

πŸ’š Implemented a new feature that is currently available only to our internal team. With this feature, admins can easily view an individual attendee's or a group's schedule in a calendar-like format via the admin site. Furthermore, they can add or remove items from the schedule to ensure that attendees are not overbooked or that their schedules are complete. We hope to release this to admins and event managers after some more improvements.

πŸ’š Added the ability for anyone with access to our travel feature on admin to access a preview page that displays all travel plans and itineraries.

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