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Appointments - Attendee Check-In and Signature
Appointments - Attendee Check-In and Signature

An overview on how to check in attendees for an appointment

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From the events listing page select an event to navigate to the event Home page.

From the left-side menu navigate to Appointments. Note: An admin user has the ability to change the name “Appointments” in the menu configuration to something else that fits with the event, so the name could be different.

Expand Appointments > Select All Appointments > From the list select the appointment for which you would like to check in attendees by clicking on it.

Appointment details will appear in a pop up as well as the list of attendees. Names will be listed in alphabetical order by first name. Customers will always appear first, then all internal attendees of an appointment.

  1. People icon top-right of the pop up will quickly navigate to all attendees.

  2. If there are more than five attendees, a Search field is available to locate each attendee quickly.

  3. Click the Check-In button to check in an attendee. To Undo a check-in click on the down arrow and select ‘Undo Check-In'. To mark an attendee as ‘No Show’ click on the down arrow and select from the drop-down options.

If the attendee has walked up at the event and has not registered > When the Appointment is in either Pending or Confirmed status, select the appointment name > Select Add People

Options to Add People:

  • Add Multiple People: Allows the user to paste multiple e-mail addresses to the appointment details.

  • New Customer: Add Customer details to create a new customer.

  • New User: Add New User details.


While in the Event > Tap the line stack Menu top left corner

Tap Appointments > Select All appointments

From the All Appointments screen, scroll to and tap the appointment where you want to check in attendees. Note: You can use the Search and Refine features to find the appointment.

Appointment details will then appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

Scroll to the attendee you wish to check in on the list. If there are more than five attendees, a Search field will appear > tap Check-In. Tap again to undo check-in or mark the attendee as No show.

If the event is set up to capture attendee signatures, once you tap Check-In you will get a pop up. Have the attendee sign with their finger and select Submit. Tap Undo at the bottom of the screen to clear the signature and sign again. Once the signature is captured, check In for the attendee is complete.

Alternatively, you can tap (•••) to Check-In, Undo Check-In or mark attendee as a No Show.

When checking in using (•••), the screen will look like this. Choose from Check-In or No Show.

If the attendee is already checked in, if you tap the Check In button again, it will show this screen where you can Undo Check-In or mark as No Show. You can also undo check in by clicking (•••) and tapping Check-In.

Note: If you do not see the Check-In button and only see (•••) while on iPad, it likely means that you have an older version of the app and you will need to Update from the App store.

Walk-Up Attendees

If the attendee has walked up at the event and has not registered > When the Appointment on the left is in either Pending or Confirmed status, tap the appointment name > Tap (•••) upper right corner.

Tap Add Attendee

Steps as numbered in the screenshot below:

1. Enter e-mail under Attendees to search

2. If attendee is found, tap + to add from search results list

3. “Don’t Send Invites” should be set to off to prevent an e-mail from being sent when the attendee is already at the event

4. Tap Confirm bottom left to complete

1. If attendee is not found, you will see “No people match your search”

2. Tap Create Person > Pop up appears

3. Choose New Customer

Fill in New Customer information > tap Create top right

1. New attendee now appears on the appointment

2. Same as above, “Don’t Send Invites” should be set to off. “Don’t Send Updates & Reminders” is discretionary since they may be relevant to attendees.

3. Tap Confirm

In some cases, you may get one of two scheduling conflict warning pop ups:

Currently Scheduled

Hard Conflict Override

In both cases, you can Ignore and Continue or tap Yes, Invite Anyway.

New attendee(s) is now available for Check-In

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