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New Updates for Week of November 14, 2022
New Updates for Week of November 14, 2022

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.

πŸ’š Made an update to not send batched emails to organizers recapping appointment activity during the virtual ask customer time frame. Instead, it will send each appointment update individually and as they occur. This ensures that the organizer is fully in the loop with their upcoming appointments and the last-minute changes that can occur.
πŸ’š Updated the appointments details page and the people pop-over (on list view) to display the number of people in an appointment as well as per customer and internal attendees.
πŸ’š Improved our error messaging for when the ask customer link confirmation page encounters an unexpected issue and prevents a customer from booking the appointment.
🐞 Fixed an issue that would not correctly display topics as required or not required as set on admin for an event.
🐞 Addressed an issue that would show an error message when opening the appointment details screen for any appointment created via a customer list that has been deleted.
πŸ’š Updated logic that now prevents a company representative from adding groups to a company page, the rep can still add individuals to a company page.
πŸ’š Made an update to the company appointments set-up. It now clearly indicates in the options set-up that an admin needs to enable the online meetings if they wish to include them during appointment scheduling for companies. The only option to edit and overwrite this main setting is to adjust it at the individual company representative level per each company.
πŸ’š Introduced the ability on admin to set the sorting order for companies for the list view, it can now be sorted A-Z or via a custom-set order.
πŸ’š Added email deliverability reporting for customers both at the event level (available under the reports section) and at the customer account level.
πŸ’š Update the designs for how the metrics display for the customers attending/ not attending page as well as for the customer lists page.
🐞 Addressed an issue that would not display the up-to-date customer count for customer lists at the customer list view level after adding or removing customers from a list.
🐞 Made some updates to how the customer list import template and exports display columns. Adjusted column widths for better readability.
🐞 Addressed a scrolling issue during the customer imports for engagements and the master list pages. Also updated the import validation screen for easier understanding of import errors.
🐞 Fixed an alignment issue for the refine filter fields on the events list page on admin.
πŸ’š Introduced the ability to access universal links and download QR codes for any feature of the event via the admin. It can be accessed via the event dashboard or from the event setup menu. We also added this ability at the account level for enterprise companies to use at the company level.
​Live Feed
πŸ’š Updated logic for our @mentioning functionality to only allow @mentioning materials and collection content that belongs to the event a user is in and making a post.
πŸ’š Implemented new functionality that allows admins and event managers to pin posts to the top of the live feed page. This will help with promoting posts and ensuring important messages are not lost in the feed.
πŸ’š Implemented new functionality that allows admins and event managers to pin channel messages to the top of a messaging group channel. This will ensure important messages are not lost in a channel.

β€‹πŸ’š Made improvements in showing a loading screen when an admin uploads a large attendee list.
πŸ’š Made the events tab visible to all admin users when viewing a user profile in the admin. This will allow them to quickly see what events a user is a part of.
πŸ’š Added the user email to the default survey results export. Previously an admin could download this information only by using the advanced export option.
🐞 Fixed display issues for word clouds when new results are submitted and the screen refreshes. The new answers should rebuild the word cloud display that is shown on the screen.
​User Travel
πŸ’š Introduced a field to mark a travel representative for the user travel pages. It can be set at the account and event levels separately. This will then inform the user whom to contact if they have questions regarding their travel plans.
πŸ’š Added a 'View All Travel' button at the event level for users to access and navigate to their complete travel plan history at the company level.
πŸ’š Created a new field in the admin that allows travel plans to be associated with specific events. The user can then see only event-related travel plans at the event level.
πŸ’š Implemented the ability for a user to access their individual travel page via a tile on their profile.

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