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New Updates for Week of October 3, 2022
New Updates for Week of October 3, 2022

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.

Account Management
πŸ’š Updated our messaging to inform event schedulers (who don't have admin access) to contact their administrator instead of redirecting them to the admin login page (what a tease!).
πŸ’š Updated logic to default appointment duration from 15 mins to 30 mins as it is the more common duration used by our customers.
πŸ’š Now displaying the appointment activity notes for an appointment on the web from newest entry to oldest.
πŸ’š Updated the copy and design for deleting appointment form templates to be uniform with our other delete pop-up actions in the platform.
πŸ’š Added a nicer-looking loading state for the appointment location availability page.
🐞Corrected a logic issue for Public Availability links that would not make the assigned group of organizers the organizer once a customer selected date and time for an appointment. It would instead make a user from the People field the organizer.
🐞 Addressed a logic issue caused by status changes made to appointments in varying time zones than the organizer. It led to organizers not receiving some batched emails for status changes.
πŸ’š Updated logic that now enables a companies appointment setting IF the admin uploads appointment availability schedules for a given company.
🐞 Fixed an issue that would not allow the Event QR code to be downloaded in Safari browsers.
πŸ’š Made updates to the group-initiated video call notification to ensure it mentions the group name for more clarity.
πŸ’š Updated logic to now show the Prefix on the web for user profiles if it was entered on admin.
πŸ’š Updated the loading state display for the people grid view page.
πŸ’š Updated the loading state display for the schedule list views.
πŸ’š Added new attribute links to the schedule item registration confirmation email for the 'Calendar Subscribe Link' (which will open the page to sync and subscribe to the overall platform calendar) and a 'Schedule Item Calendar Link' (which will download the calendar ICS file).
🐞 Fixed an issue that would not bulk delete schedule items when using the assigned ID per each. We also address an issue with existing schedule item IDs when used in imports to not create new schedule items but update the existing ones.

πŸ’š Updated and optimized the speaker cards style & interaction states on the speaker list page.

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