Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.

💚 Made some design adjustments for more clarity of the options to our new bulk actions for editing organizers for appointments.
💚 Implemented logic that will auto-add an activity note when an appointment is created from customer lists.
🐞 Fixed an issue that would not allow users to open activity notes for appointments in cancel status.

💚 Added the ability to add secondary emails for Customer records as we noticed they often have multiple. All secondary emails will be searchable to find a customer record too.
💚 Updated logic so that all users of a shared customer list can now bulk create appointments from the list.
💚 The appointments indicator for customers in each customer list will now show all appointments created within the event for this customer - regardless of what status the appointment is in.
💚 Improved our customer email and name matching for imports of customers to a customer list. It includes the ability to create new customers from import if the entry is not found.
💚 Updated logic that now will carry over objectives assigned to customer lists to the appointment when created from within the customer list.
💚 Added Refine filter options for individual customer lists allowing different arrange by' options and filtering by appointment count.

💚 Added a Refine filter on the Events list view in admin for filtering for Test events.
💚 Made updates to the event image labels on admin for more clarity to now differentiate an 'Events Image - Web' and 'Events Image - Tablet and Mobile'.

💚 Updated behavior to truly only enable home V2 or V1 for the home menu at the company level (available for Enterprise only).

💚 Implemented the ability to enable or disable the Leads Sub-menus 'My Leads' and 'All Leads' as well as include the option to rename them.

💚 Made design improvements on how map pins display on the web for better visibility.

🐞 Fixed an issue with the event ICS file that can be downloaded on the Registration page.

💚 Added a refine filter on admin on the attendee's list for Check-In statuses at an event. They are also now included in reporting.

💚 Updated the Collection reports at the account level in admin to allow admins to filter reports by date ranges, events, etc on individual report pages.

🐞 Fixed a logic issue in the speaker imports that would prevent speaker imports if certain values were specified.

💚 Updated our support menu in admin at the event level to include the ability to 'Submit Feedback' and 'Report an issue'.

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