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New Updates for Week of July 4, 2022
New Updates for Week of July 4, 2022

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE.

Account Management
πŸ’š Update the account configuration setting for enterprise companies to have public profiles enabled, which carries over to settings per each event created. An admin can always edit the configuration.
πŸ’š Implemented the ability to set fixed durations for rooms. When configured the appointment form will not allow booking the room for a duration that doesn't apply to the room.
πŸ’š Added logic that would now record an activity note when the organizer or scheduler is updated for an appointment.
πŸ’š Added the ability to share and make an appointment email template visible and usable to assigned users or groups.
πŸ’š Introduced the option to duplicate objectives and topics from another event IF none were yet set for the event the admin is viewing.
πŸ’š Updated logic to now show the priority setting on the appointments edit form not just on the appointment details view.
πŸ’š Added the ability to share and make an appointment form template visible and usable to assigned users or groups.
πŸ’š Made an update to keep the attribute drop-down expanded when selecting and adding attributes to an appointment email template.
πŸ’š Updated the bulk action to cancel appointments to now include an option to postpone the appointments to another future event.
πŸ’š Introduced the ability to bulk update an organizer or scheduler for appointments.
πŸ’š Updated the ask customer confirmation screen for customers to display the location if an in-person appointment was selected.
🐞 Fixed an issue that would not open a company page on admin when a user right-clicked and selected to open in a tab.
πŸ’š Updated logic that now will carry over priority assigned to customers to the appointment when created from within the customer list.
πŸ’š Made some updates to the create a list form. A user can now share the list with other users, add a description, and select objectives for the list.
πŸ’š Implemented the option to import/ duplicate an existing list from any event to the current event user is viewing.
πŸ’š Updated the customer list view. A user is now able to see an appointments count and see the date when a customer was added to the list.
πŸ’š The custom embedded menu now displays as a header when viewing the page so users know what they are currently viewing.
πŸ’š Added the ability for users with event manager as user type to create events via the admin site.
πŸ’š Introduced the ability to reorder the rooms for display. To enable this select the preferred view on the options tab for rooms on admin.
πŸ’š Gave the countdown timer on home a minor design facelift.
​Live Feed
πŸ’š Implemented a new design for the live feed that we hope will improve the posting experience for our users.
πŸ’š Made a correction to copy for when audience participation is disabled for a feed.
πŸ’š Introduced a limit for the live feed title to be 60 characters or less to ensure the display of the title is not too long and breaks designs.
πŸ’š Made some small improvements for marking a room on maps in the admin.
πŸ’š Added ability to switch user account profiles via the web.
πŸ’š Introduced the ability for users of enterprise accounts to link their Outlook accounts, which allows them to send emails such as the appointment templates directly without having to open their email.
πŸ’š Implemented the ability to check-in people for events via the web.
πŸ’š Introduced a setting in admin under options for people to allow setting default view for the people menu on the web.
πŸ’š We now allow people's profiles to be editable on the web not just in the admin. The edits are limited to first name, last name, title, and company.
πŸ’š Introduced a new menu item at the company level in admin to run reports for Collections.
🐞 Fixed issue that would throw an error message during import when a Schedule item was marked as Specified but had zero users or groups assigned.
πŸ’š Added the ability to import speaker profiles for an event via an import template on the admin site for an event.

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