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Symphony - Video Latency
Symphony - Video Latency

An overview of average latency to account for during your virtual events

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Symphony supports a variety of broadcasting methods to your audience. There's a variation of latency per each model. The below article details each one.

Symphony - Native Video & Audio

When using the built-in video & audio options of Symphony, latency is typically under .5 seconds. When your audience size is a few hundred to a thousand attendees, account for .5 - 2 seconds of latency.

Symphony - Prerecorded Video

For uploaded video, Cadence utilizes for just in time encoding and live streaming to your audience. The average latency when broadcasting the video is between 8-12 seconds in latency.

Symphony - RTMP & Embed

You may use external production platforms, such as StreamYard, Restream or Socialive, as well as online meeting platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams Live, to broadcast into Symphony through our integration with Mux RTMP or through embedding a player from a streaming platform such as YouTube Live or Vimeo Live Events. The average latency for these platforms is between 15-25 seconds.

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