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Symphony - Overview for Speakers
Symphony - Overview for Speakers
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Accessing the Symphony

The direct link to the Symphony may be provided to you. You will need to login into the Symphony to gain access.

The Symphony may also be listed within your Schedule. Join the Symphony by selecting Join Now.

Enabling Video/Audio

When entering the Symphony meeting, you may be prompted to enable your audio and video, along with selecting which audio output and video camera you prefer to use.

Enabling Video/Audio (Promoted to Panelist)

During a Symphony meeting, you may be off stage, where the Host/Moderator is able to promote you to panelist. If this is the method you are called on stage, you will see this pop-up display for you to enable video and audio to speak.

Helpful Troubleshooting Tips

If you are video is not working, try the following two steps:

  1. Check your browser settings to ensure that your video is enabled for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari)

  2. Ensure you do not have video on within another app, such as Zoom or Teams.

Speaker Best Practices

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