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Home - Tile Layouts (Beta)
Home - Tile Layouts (Beta)

An overview on controlling the layout and alignment of tiles around your beautiful event branding

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Your Home screen is the focal point of your event. The two main intentions of your event landing page is to convey your event branding through the background image along with connect your audience to the experiences occurring at your event. These connections are done through tiles on your Home screen linking to menu items, content, and anything else your mind and heart desires.

When we initially launched tiles, they were always two column format, right justified on your event's Home screen. However we began to see with the incredible event branding created, that we would want to provide the ability for you to lay your tiles around your event's branding.

You may now select from single column, double column, single row or double row layouts, including the ability to control whether your tile layout will be left justified, centered or right justified.

Your ability to adjust the layout and alignment of your tiles is available within Options in Home in the admin site of your event.

This enhancement is intended to give you more flexibility in bringing visibility to your incredible event theme branding, while maintaining the ability to easily and directly connect your audience to each of your event's experiences.

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