Cadence's Webex Integration
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For Premium Pro and Enterprise accounts, you have the option of using Webex as your integrated virtual meeting platform for Appointments, Schedule Items and Attendee virtual chats.

Please work with our Customer Success Team for setup.

Webex Configuration

The following configurations within Webex have been set and are unable to be adjusted.

£ Global Call-in Numbers

£ Online Access via Webex (desktop or mobile)

£ Video Recordings are Disabled for all meetings

£ Allow attendees to join before host (up to 10 minutes ahead of meeting start time)

£ Participants are not required to have a Webex account to join a meeting

£ Chat Enabled - Allow meeting participants to send a message visible to all participants

£ Private chat Enabled - Allow meeting participants to send a private 1:1 message to another participant

£ Screen sharing Enabled - Allow host and participants to share their screen or content during meetings

£ Meeting Capacity – 500 Attendees

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