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New Updates for Week of November 8, 2021
New Updates for Week of November 8, 2021

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE


πŸ’š Updated logic that ensured if a virtual ask customer is confirmed by a customer it includes the online meeting integration as the location

πŸ’š Added new attributes for the different hybrid ask customer links to the email templates within the 'contact options'.

πŸ’š Added the ability to copy the different hybrid ask customer links from within the options drop-down.

πŸ’š Introduced a setting in admin for all appointments to get auto-confirmed IF there are no customers included AND a date and time are set for the appointments.

πŸ’š Added a column in the appointment import template to specify appointment durations. If left blank in the import, the system will assign the default duration for the imported appointments.

🐞 Fixed an issue that would not allow users to click on anything within the people pop-up, it would immediately close the pop-up instead.

🐞 Updated logic that ensured when a hybrid ask customer link is shared the timezones displayed reflect according to the in-person and virtual timezones.


πŸ’š Introduced the ability to upload a video for the hero header within a companies details page. It previously only supported a link for Youtube or Vimeo.


πŸ’š Made updates to the scoring display on leaderboards to always keep displaying your standing on the board in focus regardless of being in the top 10 or being further down the list on the leaderboard.


πŸ’š Introduced an option for hybrid events to mark if a customer is attending in-person or virtually.


πŸ’š Improved the login page to not immediately show an error message when you haven't finished typing your email address yet.


πŸ’š After updating our menu icons on the web recently we also made updates to these icons within our admin site both at the account and event level.


πŸ’š Updated logic that now allows for onboarding to display with only the copy. So if topics and/or terms & conditions are not enabled you can still display a welcome message to your users upon login on the web.


πŸ’š Added a virtual/in-person column to both the attendee import template and the attendee export report.

πŸ’š Made some improvements to the invite workflow that allows an admin to save the invite copy to be reused for future invites within the same workflow.

πŸ’š Added an alert notification before sending or resending attendee emails to confirm if you want to send emails to all attendees (even if they already received the email) O OR if you only wish to send to anyone who hasn't received an email yet.

πŸ’š Introduced a setting in the attendee options on admin to determine if attendees can update their own attendee status (in-person or virtual) for hybrid events. By default, only admins can edit this status.


πŸ’š Added an indicator for attendee profiles of hybrid events to display their attendee status (in-person or virtual). By default, an attendee can also reach out to the event organizer to change the status.

πŸ’š Ensured that public profiles display the interest section to other attendees if you are not yet connected.


πŸ’š Updated our registration email from not sending to an attendee that has previously registered. If they registered again it would inform them that they are already an attendee but it would also resend the email. That's just redundant!


πŸ’š Made updates to reports for Symphony to always show both standalone symphonies and symphonies attached to schedule items (active or deleted).


πŸ’š Introduced the ability to upload a video for the hero header within a schedule item details page. It previously only supported a link for Youtube or Vimeo.

🐞 Fixed an issue that would reverse the custom speaker sort order for schedule items when an admin added or removed speakers.


πŸ’š Updated logic that now allows asked questions to be only visible to hosts/co-hosts and moderators unless the symphony is enabled to display it to all participants.

🐞 Fixed an issue that would not provide participants of breakouts with any audio or video options if the main Symphony was not set up to have audio or video.

🐞 Addressed some Symphony issues where a promoted participant did not have audio or video controls upon being promoted.

🐞 Fixed issue where hosts and co-hosts wouldn't display on the participants' list or on the join screen when they are already in the Symphony.

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