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Symphony - Troubleshooting Streaming
Symphony - Troubleshooting Streaming
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If you are having issues viewing or hearing the stream please try the below options to troubleshoot the issue.

  • You can hear sound but can't see the stream

    • You may be on a VPN. If so, please try disconnecting from the VPN and refresh the page.

  • You’ve clicked the Livestream access link, or you’ve copied and pasted the link into your browser and it’s not connecting.

    • Check your browser. Vimeo suggests using the following browsers for computers, tablets, and laptops: (Note: Be sure the browser has the latest upgrade)

      • Chrome 30+: has automatic updates - If the video does not auto-start, click on the pause button and then the play button to start watching.

      • Firefox 27+: has automatic updates

      • Safari 9+

  • You’ve successfully arrived at the Livestream event but there is no sound.

    • Please click anywhere on the screen to ensure it was unmuted by your computer

    • The bottom right or left-hand corner of the streaming feed has volume controls to please ensure they are up

    • Please check your device volume and make sure if you have a Bluetooth headset attached the volume is up there as well

  • You’re experiencing intermittent connectivity problems like choppiness or frequent buffering

    • Closeout of all open windows and tabs except the one displaying the video.

    • Refresh your browser or clear your cache. Click here for directions to clear cache.

    • Temporarily pause other internet activity. Using other devices can negatively impact streaming quality because of reduced bandwidth.

  • You’ve followed all recommended steps above, but your livestream video is still not working.

    • The majority of problems viewing a streaming video stem from a poor Internet connection.

      • If you’re at home and using a wireless connection, we suggest switching to an Ethernet connection (wired). Your router will have a port to plug in an Ethernet cable.

      • Check your connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If your connection is slower than usual, reset your internet modem or router. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, we suggest you contact your ISP for more help.

      • We recommend a minimum of 5Mbps of available connection speed per device on your network, ideally much more, especially when multi-tasking on that or other devices on the network. Anything lower than that will make it difficult to connect to our event platform (and to most modern websites). You can you check your connection speed on

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