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New Updates for Week of October 11, 2021
New Updates for Week of October 11, 2021

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE!


πŸ’š Implemented the option for admins to set a maximum appointment duration limit and also set the default appointment time for all appointments of an event.

πŸ’š Added a tooltip to the Appointment Analytics pages to inform on the list of users that have not Joined a meeting.


πŸ’š Introduced a 'Recently Viewed' section for Collections that is personalized to each user. It will provide a list of any collection content that a user has recently viewed so that they can easily jump back into the content without having to search through all collections.


πŸ’š Added some clarification to the top metrics section of the company analytics pages to inform viewers where admin and company rep data is not included.


πŸ’š Introduced a new event type drop-down in the Event Details and Event Wizard that lets an admin select between an In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual event type. This is the first iteration on which we will continue to build our event types logic.

Live Feed

πŸ’š Made adjustments to the Live Feed input fields to now support spell check for posts and comments on the Web.

🐞 Fixed our @mentioning search logic to ensure that materials with long titles can be easier located and selected.


🐞 Addressed an auto-fill issue when trying to reset passwords that would prevent the user from being able to see the re-enter password field.


πŸ’š Implemented logic that now anchors the top action bar on profile, company, schedule, and speaker detail pages when the user scrolls down the page. This is for easier back navigation and taking action.


πŸ’š Made some additional updates to how social media links are displayed on users' profiles on the web. We do not show the full link but only the handles or names when possible.


🐞 Added the ability to download a schedule item ICS file for users. Previously it was set to only allow admins to download this.


πŸ’š Made some updates to the mobile-optimized web version of Embed only Symphonies. Some changes include a new pop-up upon joining that informs users of the limitations of this view and the ability to send them a URL to view on desktop. We also updated the menu view to be anchored to the bottom.

πŸ’š Added survey content to output in the 'Additional Content' section on the Symphony export report, prior it only showed for Pdfs, Embeds, Video, and Audio content.

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