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Companies | Real Time Visitors Analytics Page for Event Admins and Company Representatives
Companies | Real Time Visitors Analytics Page for Event Admins and Company Representatives

Our newest option available within Companies!

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Highly requested and finally here! Admins and company representatives now have access to visitor information in real time.

How can this option for analytics be turned on?

Admins have a setting within company options, to enable this for representatives. If enabled, the real time analytics page will be available to both admins and company representatives. If it is not enabled, then only admins will be able to view this page.

What information can I find here

As the representative of your company, you want to know who is visiting your page, what is influencing their engagement with your brand, and even better get in touch with the attendees that show interests.

How do I find these analytics

Head to your company page (for event admins, you should be viewing from the web site.) In the right hand corner, you will see an analytics button.

Click on analytics and you will find this beautiful page full of visitor details.

You can find who has visited your Company page, their contact information (if setting allows,) visitor analytics and how they engaged with your Company.

Once you click into a visitors name more detailed information is displayed. Please note, contact information is only displayed, if the setting within People is set to allow information to be displayed, or otherwise if you are connected with the individual.

You can find answers to these questions

  • Were resources viewed, if so, which ones?

  • Which representatives is this visitor connected with?

  • Did a visitor visit your website or social accounts?

  • Has the visitor joined a chat?

  • Did the visitor request an appointment?

You can also directly reach out to the visitor by clicking on the contact button on the far right of the visitor details. Here you can email that visitor or click into their profile within the event. If you cannot yet see the visitors contact information, be sure to connect with this visitor to see their contact details.

We truly value your feedback!

If you have feedback regarding this feature, please navigate to the support option in the upper right hand corner of the event and click submit feedback.

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