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Custom Pages - The What and How-to for Event Admins
Custom Pages - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview on building custom pages and adding to your event

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What are Custom Pages?

Similar to Squarespace, Custom Pages allow you to create completely customizable pages to display information, media, and links relevant to your specific event needs.

Recommended use cases:

  • Welcome Message

  • Event Details

  • Logistical Information

  • Event Support/FAQs

  • Event Locations

  • Award Winners

How to set one up?

To begin, simply visit your event in the Admin Site, navigate to the left-hand side menu, and go to Event Setup > Custom Pages.

Then, click the '+' button to get started on your page:

Name your page and enable 'Add this Page to your event menu'. If you choose to skip this last step, no problem! You can first build your page, and add it to your event later.

You’ll then see “Type something” under the 'Details' tab, meaning you can begin to add text.

Style your Text

To style your text, simply select the text you wish to edit and you'll see this menu bar:

Select 'More Text' to get more options like change Font, Font Size, or Color.

Select 'More Paragraph' to get more options like Paragraph Style, Line Height, or Indent.

Select 'More Rich' to insert Emoticons, Special Characters, or Horizontal Line.

Insert Images, Videos, Tables, Lists and More

You will also see a white plus button appear to the left-hand side of your screen for 'Quick Insert'

You’ll be able to insert:

  • Images

  • Videos (YouTube or Vimeo URLs)

  • Tables

  • Unordered bulleted lists

  • Ordered numbered lists

  • Line breaks

  • Link to other event menu items

Be sure to save your work often via the 'Save' button at the top-right of the screen.

Select the 'Options' tab to edit your menu item name, customize your menu icon or change the menu item visibility:

Add Custom Pages to your Event Menu

If you previously did not enable 'Add this Page to your event menu' but are now ready to display your Custom Page in your event, navigate to the left-hand side menu, and go to Event Setup > Menu

Click the '+' button and select Create Custom Menu Item:

Fill out the form below accordingly. You’ll give this menu item (i.e. Custom Page) a name. Keep in mind, this title can be different than how you titled the page. Then, select 'Custom Page' for the Navigation Type, as well as a menu icon to represent this page in your event menu. Finally, you’ll select which of your event attendees can see this menu item.

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