Our design, product, and engineering chefs have been in the kitchen cooking up new features and improvements for you to use to create unforgettable event experiences. But we couldn't have done it without you!

So, thank you to each of you that have laid out your specific event needs, use cases, and ideas, they all have helped craft our latest product roadmap.


New Home Screen Interface

We have introduced a new Home screen interface allowing for beautifully branded images linking to any experience within your event.

Mobile & Tablet Optimized Symphony!

Symphony sessions with embedded broadcasts are now available on mobile and tablet devices. Your attendees may join immediately from any device, anywhere, including the ability to engage with messaging and ask a question.

Beautiful Attendee Profiles

​Making connections has never been so gorgeous! 🀩 Our Attendee Profiles got a little face lift, and now match the recently updated designs for your Schedule, Speakers, and Companies. And to make things even easier, your attendees have a neat new checklist informing them how to fill out their profile to foster even more connections.
When viewing others' profiles, you are able to see their profile picture, personalized banner images, profile information, personal motto, and other connections.

Embedded Video​

​For your Schedule items, you may now use an embedded video rather than a banner image! 🎞️

A few helpful use cases for embedded video:

  • Before your event begins, use embedded video for hype videos, teasers, or speaker videos.

  • During your event, use embedded video for the live broadcast itself, making it even easier for your attendees to watch.

  • After your event, use embedded video for the on-demand recordings.

Sponsors - Real Time Visitors Dashboard​

We've recently introduced real-time visibility to all visitors to a sponsors website within your event. Each sponsor delegate along with your events team may view the real-time visitors and high level analytics.

Each unique visitor will be listed along with the specific engagement with the sponsor, such as visited their site and social media links, connected with the reps, accessed the resources, engaged in conversation and requested appointments.

Here's our recent webinar in delighting your sponsors at your events:

New Feature - Custom Pages

Custom Pages, similar to SquareSpace, allow you to create completely customizable pages to display information, media, and links relevant to your specific event needs.
​Recommended use cases:

  • Event Details

  • Logistical Information

  • Event Support

  • Event Locations

  • Award Winners

Registration & Login Updates

Registration through SSO

Cadence has always supported SSO for logging into the platform. However we will now be adding the ability for an employee to officially register for your event using SSO as well.

Login Improvement for SSO

The first step of the process will be to enter your email address. Upon entering your email address, the employee will be directed to SSO if enabled or to Cadence's enter password field if an external guest

Create & Join Groups​


To foster more organic conversation around Topics of Interest relevant to your event audience, we've added the new ability for you to enable your audience to create and join private and public groups at your event.

Online for Connections​


We will be bringing more visibility to the People at your event in regards to who is currently online and offline, along with who is attending in-person and who is attending remotely.

Our recent release brings visibility for attendees to see which of their connections are currently online or offline at any moment of your event.

Collections - Analytics Dashboard

Within each Collection, you may select Analytics Dashboard to see analytics on your collection, which you may refine by Today, Last Week and Last Month. We will be adding Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months and Last 12 Months shortly along with ability to export to PDF and PPT.

New Video Player​

​We have integrated the beautiful, powerful video player from Plyr.io into Cadence on web, iOS and Android apps. Stay tuned for engaging new video features coming soon to Cadence using the Plyr video player!

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