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Surveys - The What and How-to for Event Admins
Surveys - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview on using Surveys for feedback, insights and education at your event.

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Gather pre, during, or post feedback and information from attendees to ensure alignment with your team and attendees.

Live Polling (Audience Response)


What are Surveys?

Surveys can be used for a plethora of reasons. Whether you want to ask for feedback, gain knowledge prior to an event or use them as a metric for improvement, we've got the survey experience for you right within Cadence!

How to set up Surveys?

Surveys live at your Account level, just as Materials and Collections do. (Link to collections article) Therefore you will navigate to the Admin site and click on the left-hand menu and then my company to the left of my event. From there you will click on Materials > Surveys.

From there you will select the (+) button to create a new survey.

Survey Name

This is how you will decipher what survey you are sending out and will also appear in the header of the survey when an attendee is taking it.

Anonymous Link ( Will appear after you select save)

This link is completely anonymous therefore meaning you cannot know who from the event has taken the survey. You can also use this link if you wish to send this survey to people outside of the platform to get their feedback as well. Sending this via email or text to someone, will NOT require them to have a login or password to your event or Cadence as a whole. You are still able to have the reporting on this, but it will not say who has taken it at all.

Instructional Text

Here you are able to put instructions on taking this survey. This screen will appear before the attendees take it and can also be removed in the options tab but we will get there shortly πŸ˜„

Question Labels

If you wish to let your attendees know what question they are on, you can select Alphabetical or Numerical depending on your preference. You also can select None and just have the questions themselves be seen (most popular).

Results Page Background

This image will be behind the results if you choose to use the Audience Response Page for Live Polling (We will get to that shortly as well). I would suggest using a solid color with not much imagery as the questions will overlay this photo and you will want them to be visible. (See Image below)

Survey Intro Logo

If you wish to have a logo or photo on the intro screen of your survey this is where you would add this. You will need to be sure that your Intro Screen is not disabled when it comes to the Survey Options tab, for this to be seen.

After you have selected save, you will see an area populate called Questions (+). This is where you start building your survey! Once you select the (+) button, a new screen will appear and you will have a couple of different options.

Question Types

This selection is for each individual question. You are able to have as many questions as you'd like and mix and match what type of questions you ask as well. Once you have selected the question type, write out the question text, select the answer label type and hit save, you will be able to populate answers and you will not be able to change the question type.

You will have the following question types to select from for each question in your survey:

Free Response (Does not appear in Live Polling Audience Response Page)

This is if you wish to capture free text from attendees. This is most often used for open feedback or suggestions, recommendations or ideas that the attendees may have for you.

Multiple Choice - Multiple Answer Selection (Does appear in Live Polling Audience Response Page)

This question type allows your attendees to "select all that apply". This is used if you wish to gather information on something that attendees may want to have more than one answer to ie: select your favorite color(s). This will appear on the Live Polling Audience Response Page but beware that there may be MANY different answers depending on how the attendees answer.

Multiple Choice - Single Answer Selection (Does appear in Live Polling Audience Response Page)

Single answer selection is your typical "Choose the best answer" that we all know and love. Attendees will only be able to select one answer you have provided them to choose from.

Ranking (Does appear in Live Polling Audience Response Page)

Ranking allows your attendees to drag and drop their answers how you wish for them to answer. Whether it be favorite to least favorite or highest to lowest they are able to rank the answers how they like. This will appear on the Live Polling Audience Response Page but beware that there may be MANY different answers depending on how the attendees answer.

Scale (Does appear in Live Polling Audience Response Page)

Allowing attendees to scale something based on the number or letters you provide as answers. Usually, you might say, "On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with the knowledge shared, 1 being highly dissatisfied, 10 being extremely satisfied".
​Note: you need to add the answers you wish to have in the "Answer" field. They do not automatically populate.

True/False (Does appear in Live Polling Audience Response Page)

Want to only give your attendees two options to choose from? This would be your question type! You are able to change the words "True" and "False" to read something different if you choose!

Word Cloud (Does appear in Live Polling Audience Response Page)

This is exactly what you guessed, a cloud of words! We suggest asking your attendees to use one (at max two) words to capture an emotion or thought on something you are wanting feedback on. If more than one attendee says the same word, it will start to appear bigger in the word cloud on the ARS page so there isn't a lot of duplicative words!

Once you have selected a question type, written out your question, and save, you will be able to start to populate the answers for the question you just created.

You will notice that when you go to type an answer, there will be a place to put a "Value", this is in direct correlation to the feature Compete and if you are using that with a competition for filling out a survey. You can give a high value to the right answers or no value at all if you choose not to. Click here to view the article on Compete within the Premium Pro license.

Answer Options

You are able to have as many answers as you wish for the Multiple Choice - Multiple Answer Selection, Multiple Choice - Single Answer Selection, Ranking and Scale. You can also have all of these answers be text, Images with Labels, or Images without Labels. Using images as the answers is fun to do when asking for emotions or descriptors.

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