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New Updates for Week of September 6, 2021
New Updates for Week of September 6, 2021

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE!


πŸ’š Implemented logic that allows an admin to hide the email and/or phone numbers for all attendees for an event.

🐞 Addressed an issue that would not output attendees in the correct sort order in list view, which should output alphabetically for the first name.


πŸ’š Ensured that the companies analytics pages can only be accessed by admins and respective company representatives.

πŸ’š Updated our logic to make sure that appointments with automatic confirmations distribute requests equally amongst all available company representatives. Sharing is caring.

Event Management

πŸ’š Created a new 'Event Support' submenu item within the 'Event Setup' menu and moved the 'Contact Us Requests' list to be accessed from there going forward. The new submenu item will also house the customizable 'Support menu'.

πŸ’š Made some further small edits and improvements to our new customizable Support menu and plan to release it fully to all admins in our following production update.

🐞 Ensured that the contact us emails that are sent when an attendee fills out the contact us form sends and copies all event support emails in one email.


πŸ’š Updated the registration response table to include a new status for incomplete registrations and updated logic to show all registration status in the list by default.


πŸ’š Implemented the ability to create custom fields for the schedule item form. An admin can choose between drop-down, free response, or short response field types.


🐞 Fixed issue that always displayed a different visibility setting is being saved for the Participant list on the Symphony set up form.

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