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How to connect your Zoom account to Event Cadence
How to connect your Zoom account to Event Cadence
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INSTALLATION - Connecting your Zoom Account

To install your Zoom Application to enable 1:1 Video Calls powered by your Zoom license, please do the following

Navigate to a connected attendee's profile. Note: You must first connect or have accepted a connection request in order to enable video calls.

Click the Video Call Icon and then select "Start Video Call" to receive a pop-up to Authenticate with your Zoom account credentials.

You will then be taken to a Zoom authentication page to enter your credentials and complete connecting your Zoom account to Event Cadence.

Voila! You're all setup! a Zoom Meeting will automatically be created with your Zoom account and the recipient will receive a notification with a link to your Zoom Meeting

Usage – How to use the Zoom Integration

Uninstallation - Disconnecting your Zoom Account

To disconnect/uninstall your Zoom Account Addon from Event Cadence, please do the following

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

  2. Navigate to Manage > Installed Apps or search for Cadence in your list of installed applications

  3. Click the Event Cadence app.

  4. Click Uninstall

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