Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE!


💚 Implemented a mobile-optimized web version of Symphony which applies to Symphonies set up using embedded content and that does not use native audio and video. This will provide Android users a temporary option to view Symphonies on mobile devices, prior to us building it into our Android App.

💚 Made several copy updates within the form to set up a new Symphony for more clarity.

💚 Updated the Symphony edit form to default the Participant view to only be assigned to hosts & moderators instead of all, which included participants. We also moved the screen sharing setting into the Audio & Video setting as these go hand in hand.

💚 Made some minor adjustments within the Symphony to the header heights for more consistency overall.


💚 Added a Collections Analytics Dashboard page for each Collection available to access by admin users on the Web.


💚 Added the ability for admins to search schedule items in admin by their respective schedule item ID.

🐞 Fixed an issue that would no longer auto-assign a track color to newly created tracks for schedule items.

Event Wizard

💚 Added additional event types to our Event Type drop-down within the event wizard.

🐞 Addressed a minor styling issue in the Event Wizard confirmation screen animation.


💚 Made some adjustments to field labels within the Companies' options hoping to provide further clarity during setup.


💚 Update our registration responses list in admin to always reflect the newest responses first with the ability to toggle the sorting directly from the column.


🐞 Addressed a minor spacing issue for custom field labels within the about section of user profiles.

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