Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE!


💚 Updated the registration form response list in admin to show a registration status column. Registered = Attendee is active and fully registered for the event. Canceled = Attendee was removed from the event. Deactivated = User was marked as deactivated in the system.

💚 Improved the registration workflow for both registrations with proper confirmation screens and customizable copy.

🐞 Fixed issue that now links the Contact Us link properly to the Cadence Contact Us form.


💚 Improved the schedule import template by adding two separate columns for room and custom location to ensure proper upload of either option.

💚 Added the ability to reorder speakers attached to a schedule item via the admin site.

🐞 Addressed issue that would show Html characters when a user is on the waiting screen for a schedule item.


💚 Made updates to the 'View All' image at the overall Companies options section in admin. We hide the image if you also decide to hide the 'View All' company grouping.

💚 Made improvements in admin for individual Company edits tabs and determining which fields/prompt show depending on if appointments or chat channel is enabled or disabled.


💚 Made edits to the notifications list view in admin such as adding the ability to duplicate any existing notifications.

🐞 Addressed issue that would not show email notifications in the custom color theme selected per event or feature.


💚 Included additional user profile fields as columns to the user export.

💚 Updated the attendee import to allow ability to upload topics of interest per each attendee.

🐞 Fixed an issue where an attendees' topic selection wouldn't stay as selected with the topics banner view on people pages.


💚 Added a validation error to ensure that the admin selecting a custom menu for custom pages also assigns an already built custom page (currently set up with our help) before saving the new menu item.


💚 Added new content tile options for the ability to link to a public or a company messaging channel.


💚 Made updates in admin to the list view providing more info when adding a speaker from an attendee, existing speaker, or customer for more clarity.


💚 Made further updates to the new video player in that any opened video now opens in a pop-up instead of in a new browser tab.


💚 Added the ability to add ad-hoc points for a compete for multiple teams via an import option in admin.


💚 We heard our customer's feedback loud and clear and retired the cute puppy 'Whoopsie Daisy!' error message with a new and improved one. We hope you never get to see it actually!

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