Global Events Listing with Search, Refine, Reporting & Analytics

As the all-in-one platform, we want to put the power in your organizations hands to have a global events listing that's beautiful to view, easy to search and refine, and powerful in its reporting and analytics.

We will be adding the ability on web and app for you to view your events in image view or list view with improved searching and refining, including custom fields. Best of all will be the reporting and analytics available in real-time.

New Event Type - Hybrid Events

There will be a new event type option called Hybrid Event. When selected, two groups are automated created, which are In-Person and Remote, which will also automatically add to your registration form.

The list of attendees within People will display whether the attendee is participating In-Person or Remotely.

For your schedule items, you will have both the physical location as well as the online meeting link. The schedule view and notifications will be catered to whether the attendee is there live or participating remotely.

We will be rolling out a ton of new features for the hybrid experience throughout the rest of the year.

New Event Type - Public Events

We will be supporting truly Public Events that will not require any login process. You may share your event to anyone and they'll be able to immediately join. You will have the reporting & analytics for each attendee, but they will not have a name/email address.


New Registration Site Design

You will now be able to display your schedule, speakers, sponsors, and attendees on your registration websites.

Register for Events within Cadence

You will now be able to display all events that are open for registration within the Events listing within Cadence web and app.

New Registration Type - Invite Only Registration Lists

We will be supporting invite only events where the only way an attendee may register for the event is if they're part of your invite list.

2-Factor Authentication Login

To support highly secure events, we will have a configuration setting to apply 2-factor authentication to your event's login workflow.


A New Gallery Experience in Live Feed


Online Meeting Host Controls for Zoom

You will now be able to authenticate your Zoom accounts within Cadence giving you true Host controls for the auto-created Zoom meetings.

Easier Schedule Item Management

We've updated the New/Edit Schedule Item form to simplify the experience in creating schedule items in Full Schedule with registration.

Participant Dashboard - WebEx Meetings


Live & On-Demand Video Experience

We are adding the ability to embed video on your Schedule pages and Speaker profiles.

For Schedule pages, utilize video to hype your audience for the upcoming session, display the live streamed video or display your on-demand video.

For Speakers, utilize video to show off their latest speaking engagement or a teaser video from the speaker promoting their upcoming speaking session.

My Collections - Recently Viewed Materials

We are adding the configuration setting for your event to allow attendees to create their own collections, empowering them to save their favorite materials to their collections.

We are also adding a default Collection displaying the most recently viewed materials for each attendee.

My Collections - Favorited Materials

We'll be adding the ability for your audience to favorite (save) content for easier access on-demand throughout and after your event.


Events - Custom Fields

You will be able to add custom fields for your Event, such as Event Type, Product, Brand, Region, Country.

These fields will display within Create/Edit Event, Event listings page, Search & Refine, and Reporting & Analytics.

Schedule - Custom Fields

You will be able to add custom fields for your Schedule, such as Session Type, Format, Available On-Demand.

These fields will display within Create/Edit Schedule Item, Schedule Item pages, Search & Refine, and Reporting & Analytics.

People - Custom Fields

You will be able to add custom fields for People, such as professional or personal fields of information.

These fields will display within Create/Edit Attendee, People's profiles, Search & Refine, and Reporting & Analytics.

Companies - Custom Fields

You will be able to add custom fields for Companies, such as Industry, Category, Location, Buyer or Supplier, Give-Aways.

These fields will display within Create/Edit Company, Company pages, Search & Refine, and Reporting & Analytics.


Each feature within Cadence supports various views, such as Listing View, Image View and Grid View. We will be putting the power in your hands to determine the default view, followed by allowing the attendees to choose their default view per section.


We want to personalize the event experience as much as possible within our platform. One step towards that initiative is allowing your attendees to favorite sessions, tracks, people profiles, speaker profiles, company profiles, customer profiles, collections, materials and appointments.


We recently launched topics of interest selection during on-boarding leading to recommended connections for the attendee.

Based upon the topics of interest the attendees select, Cadence will recommend sessions, tracks, content, and companies to visit.


Symphony Powered by Zoom

Since launch, Symphony has been powered by the video streaming platform Agora. We will be officially switching our video streaming platform to Zoom due to our expanding partnership with their wonderful company.

Zoom's video streaming integration will allow up to 9 concurrent videos, 100 concurrent audio streams and up to 300 participants.

Beautiful Background Branding

You'll be able to further brand your Symphony experience by uploading background imagery for behind your broadcasts and native video/audio.

Native Video & Audio on the Cadence iPhone & Android apps

  • Participants may view and listen to the Hosts from app

  • Hosts may present from app

  • Participants may present from app

Picture in Picture

We will be supporting picture in picture for your Symphony's on both web and app.


As part of our switch to Zoom's video streaming platform, you will have access to all Symphony recordings right after your Symphony ends.

Improved User Interface Design

We will be rolling out improved designs for video display, views, and branding

Waiting Room

In the waiting room, you will be able to brand the experience, incorporate videos, music, conversation and ice-breakers.


New Home Interface

New Companies Interface

New Schedule Pages

New Speaker Profiles

New Attendee Onboarding


Microsoft Teams

Cadence is currently integrated with Zoom and WebEx for Premium Pro and Enterprise licensing allowing you to automatically generate Zoom or WebEx meetings when you create schedule items, appointments or start video conversations.

We will be adding Microsoft Teams as a third option for you for your events. You will be able to authenticate your Microsoft Teams account to automatically have Teams Meetings generated when you create schedule items, appointments or start video conversations.

Cvent & EventBrite Integrations

We will be releasing the ability to directly integrate your Cvent or EventBrite accounts directly into your Cadence account for Premium Pro and Enterprise licenses.

As attendees register in Cvent or EventBrite, they'll automatically be sync'd into your event within Cadence. You will be able to map which registration fields correlate with which profile and/or custom fields within your event in Cadence. Groups may also be automatically created and sync'd as well.

Developer Documentation

Mux for Encoding Uploaded Videos

We are integrating Mux into our platform for all uploaded videos. Mux is just-in-time encoding that will optimize your videos for viewing online or live streaming within your virtual events.

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