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Cadence - Upcoming Roadmap

An overview of new features & feature improvements coming to Cadence

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Improved Displays

Home - Tile Layouts & Live Video Tile

We will be providing even more control to the new tile layout options allowing you to choose the number of columns or rows and their respective alignment on your Home screen. You will also be able to determine the placement of your live broadcast tile as well in relation to your other tiles.

Schedule View

We will be releasing an improved schedule view bringing better visibility to information available for each of your schedule items, especially your speakers!

Schedule - Embedded Sessions

For any external experience to your event within Cadence, you may embed that experience within your event menu, within your session in Symphony, along with the new ability to embed as your session or any content object across your event. Use cases would be the entire 60 minute session is networking without having to utilize Symphony or a resource that’s continuously used across any event available within Collections or Materials within your event.

This will include integration enhancements with Remo, Twine, Zoom and Socialive.


New Header

Our customers have asked for the ability to bring further clarity and context to end users regarding the event and session they are attending when within Symphony. We will be introducing a new header to Symphony, which brings context to your company, the event and session, along with consistency to accessing the event navigation, notifications and support.

Currently Speaking Status

We wanted to bring further visibility to whose currently speaking for the benefit of your participants. When there are multiple speakers within a Symphony, it will visually display who is currently speaking.


One of our most requested features will be launching soon, which is the automated cloud recording of your Symphony virtual sessions when audio/video is enabled. You will have on-demand access to all Symphony recordings right after your Symphony ends!

Symphony Video/Audio Enabled on iOS & Android Apps

Symphony is currently available on mobile for embedded broadcasts, pre-recorded videos and direct RTMP. We will soon be launching the ability to watch and listen to Symphony virtual events with video/audio enabled along with the ability to enable video and audio as a host/participant on mobile.


Enhanced Communication Features

For our emails and notifications, you’ll be able to choose between email, push, banner and pop-up formats. For emails, we’re introducing full email templates with HTML styling, formatting, images, videos, CTAs with full tracking of each email.

Event & Attendee Health Scoring

We are rolling out real-time analytics across each feature you enable, but most importantly is an overall Event Health Score based upon the individual attendee health score. Attendee health score will be based upon percentage of attendees that have accessed your event along with active attendee percentage. This will be available in real-time allowing you to proactively engage them with Home – Tiles, Notifications/Emails, Messages during broadcast.

Everyday Cadence

We will be officially commercializing our new product line, Everyday Cadence, for any company, community, or club to bring their audience into the platform for continuous communication, resource distribution, conversation, networking.

Part of this initiative will be the rollout of our “Forum” feature, which is entirely driven by your feedback. We’ll be utilizing Discourse for any forum/community discussion at the everyday or event level.


New Event Type - Public Events

We will be supporting truly Public Events that will not require any login process. You may share your event to anyone and they'll be able to immediately join. You will have the reporting & analytics for each attendee, but they will not have a name/email address.

New Registration Type - Invite Only Registration Lists

We will be supporting invite only events where the only way an attendee may register for the event is if they're part of your invite list.

2-Factor Authentication Login

To support highly secure events, we will have a configuration setting to apply 2-factor authentication to your event's login workflow.


For customers using our Premium Pro and Enterprise licensing, you have access to using the integration with our partner Zoom. Our team is working on the ability for your to configure your default configuration settings, such as automatic HD cloud recording, waiting room, transcripts, host controls and many more settings you're used to seeing in your own Zoom account.


My Collections - Favorited Materials

We'll be adding the ability for your audience to favorite (save) content for easier access on-demand throughout and after your event.


Companies - Custom Fields

You will be able to add custom fields for Companies, such as Industry, Category, Location, Buyer or Supplier, Give-Aways.

These fields will display within Create/Edit Company, Company pages, Search & Refine, and Reporting & Analytics.


Each feature within Cadence supports various views, such as Listing View, Image View and Grid View. We will be putting the power in your hands to determine the default view, followed by allowing the attendees to choose their default view per section.


We want to personalize the event experience as much as possible within our platform. One step towards that initiative is allowing your attendees to favorite sessions, tracks, people profiles, speaker profiles, company profiles, customer profiles, collections, materials and appointments.


We recently launched topics of interest selection during on-boarding leading to recommended connections for the attendee.

Based upon the topics of interest the attendees select, Cadence will recommend sessions, tracks, content, and companies to visit.


Color Themes

Design prototype of Color Themes

To further embrace every area of your event looking and feeling like your company and brand, you’ll now be able to apply color themes to your broadcasts. Even though your production live streams or pre-recorded videos may already have these color themes applied, you’ll be able to cascade this throughout the entire Symphony.

Improved User Interface Design

We will be rolling out improved designs for video display, views, and branding

Waiting Room

In the waiting room, you will be able to brand the experience, incorporate videos, music, conversation and ice-breakers.


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