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Home - The What and How-to for Event Admins
Home - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview for admins on how to build the perfect Home for your event

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Set the tone from the start with your personalizable Home page! Add imagery that suits your brand and event to really awe your attendees.

What is Home?

Cadence Home is an Essential Feature, and therefore available to you on any license you purchase or use for free. Make an unforgettable first impression and curate effortless event experiences for your attendees.

Your event Home should immediately capture your audience’s imagination and anticipation. The look, feel, the moments to be had – all right at the beginning of an event experience, so your attendees know exactly what to expect, all while getting excited to be immersed in their very own experience.

What Home displays:

  • Event Name, Dates, and Location (At the top of Home you will first find the Event Name, Date(s), and location of your event.)

  • Access to the Main Menu (To access the Main Menu, simply swipe right on the home screen on mobile or click the three lines in the top left on web. Note: You can also access the menu by swiping right on most other screens.)

  • New Notification Alerts (When you receive a notification, they will live in the menu at the top labeled "notifications".)

  • Access to Messaging (Swipe Left on the home screen on mobile or click the chat bubble in the top right to access Messaging. Within Messaging, you will find Notifications, Announcements, Channels, and Direct Messages.)

  • Countdown (In the lead up to your event, you may find a countdown clock on your home screen, counting down until the beginning of an event. Note: this can be configured to not appear)

  • Weather (During your event, current weather will display on the home screen. By tapping the current weather icon you will see detailed weather for the current week. Only on Mobile)

  • Shortcuts to important or top tier information You can create tiles that

How to Set Up Home?

To create and manage your Home, visit your event in the Admin site and select Home from the left-hand side menu. The screen that appears is the Admin landing page for your home page. You will see three tabs to edit and create your home experience for your attendees. Currently, there are two versions of the Home screen to create. One is for the Web version and the other for Mobile. We are working on getting it updated so you only need to create one and it shows on both Mobile and Web respectively but this is one of the few features that you must create both a web and mobile version for.

Home (Web)

Once accessed, under the home (web), you will click the plus button (+) to populate a tile for the home screen on web. From here, a pop-up will appear for you to select what type of home tile you wish to add to home (web). Remember, each tile can be specified to All attendees or particular people and groups.

Tile Choices

Menu Tile

This type of tile will allow you to link directly to any menu item you have created. This is great for quick actions and allows your attendees to easily navigate directly from the Home screen. This also includes any custom menu items you may have created as well!

Content Tile

This tile type allows you to link directly to a specific piece of event content such as a particular schedule item or Speaker Profile. You can also link out to an external website or a single material or survey that you wish for your attendees to view or take before, during, or after the event.

Video Tile

Under this tile selection, you have the opportunity to enter/embed video content. You will see two options that list: Youtube/Vimeo or Select Material. If Youtube/Vimeo is selected, you will copy/paste the video link. If Material is selected, you will want to be sure the Material is uploaded to the event first under "Materials" and then you will be able to select the video you wish to showcase.

System Tile

This final tile type is based solely on each individual's event experience. You can have it point towards each attendees specific Schedule for what is up next or happening now, or you can have it navigate to the most recent Live Feed post.

The tiles can be rearranged so that the most important ones are on the top if desired. You are able to do this by just dragging and dropping three lines to the left the created content tiles in the admin site.

Home (App)

Similarly, under the home (app) tab, you will click the plus button (+). This will take you to create Home sections for the mobile version of your event. You will have the option to name and add a description. You can also control who should have visibility into each section just as you did the tiles.

Hyperlinking a Menu Item

You are able to hyperlink a menu item for the App homepage, as you did a tile for the web version by selecting πŸ”— Menu Item in the text area. You can then select what menu item you wish to link to and select the text for it to show.

Home Options

Another amazing thing about our Home layout is the ability to add extra options to enhance your overall attendee event experience. Under the options tab, you will see four items for you to test out and see if you wish to enable them or not.

Display Scroll bar on Home Tiles

This is sometimes nice to have if your event has a lot of Home Tiles and attendees will be mostly on the web version instead of mobile.

Enable countdown timer for this event:
Once enabled, you will have the option to use the event start date (It will use midnight on the day it begins) or use a custom date and time (such as noon on the day it begins instead).

Hide event name, date & location display over Home image (web only)
By checking this box, you will have the option to, you guessed it, hide the event name, date, and location. Just make sure that box is checked. βœ…

Gradient Slider Adjust Home Screen Opacity
Here you will have control of the image Opacity percentage that is displayed on the home screen and throughout the event display. You can adjust the gradient percentage by using the slider located under the check box option. Note: This setting only affects the opacity of the web home screen.

Recommendations from Our Team to Yours 😊

Who doesn't love some helpful tips and tricks to help your event and it's Home Page look the very best? πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Information to include Pre-Event:

  • Welcome to {{Event}} Text

  • Event/Technical Support

  • Planning Decks, Welcome Videos, Logistical Items

Information for During Event:

  • Quick Links to Join

  • Event/Technical Support

  • Import Materials or Documents for Quick Access

Information for Post- Event

  • Surveys

  • Thank You Note for joining πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘β€οΈ

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