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Leads - The What and How-to for Event Admins
Leads - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview on engaging with Leads at your event

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Put an end to unproductive conversations that fail to follow-up, and start capturing leads in a new, fresh way.

What are Leads?

Cadence Leads is a Premium Pro Feature, and only available for this license tier. The leads are potential customers after an event. This feature is built to keep track of new leads and follow-up conversations sparked during the events, making these new connections a constant relationship.

How is this done? By creating lead scanning abilities that are directly integrated into Cadence. Now every team member on site is able to capture the conversations they have with new leads to better keep track of their new connections. The conversations are then immediately sent back to the organization to ensure there is proper follow-up in maintaining these relationships.

How to set up Leads?

To set up the feature Leads you will have to be inside Admin, go to "Event setup -> Menu -> hit the dark blue dot "+" -> Choose "Enable Menu Item" -> Select Leads and hit "Save", you will then see it enabled in your left menu item.

You can then choose if you want this menu item to be visible to attendees on the Website, stay on the same Event Setup page, and scroll until you see "Leads" -> Click the pencil icon "Edit" and choose visibility to "All" or "Specified" if only wanted to be visible to specific admins or groups.

Why use the feature Leads?

Leads can be used in many cases! So let's break down the usability of this feature, if your intention is: To generate Leads

  1. Attend the event

  2. Scan QR code badges of attendees: Our scanning technology is integrated into conferences' attendee badges, allowing your team to use their iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to scan leads.

    Lead Profiles with Contact Information

    Immediately view a lead's organization and contact information upon scanning their badge.

    New Lead vs. Existing Customer

    Cadence will inform the team member upon scan whether it's an existing customer or a new lead.

    Quick Scanning of Multiple Customers

    Easily scan multiple leads at once and go back at any point to add notes.

How to use the feature Leads?

When you scan a badge: Enrich the data on the leads you scan by capturing the most important information for your organization by:

  • Lists

Create lists for information requests, product interests, and more.

  • Notes

Capture notes for each lead, visible across each team member that scans the lead.

  • Surveys

Gather insights by sending surveys to your customers.

3. After setting all the menu items you need, you will have to set up "Badge scanning set-up", contact your Customer Success lead to break this down, our team will take care of that!

Leads Analytics

Actionable insights and analytics, view and share analytics with your team to discover what next steps to take.

  • Filter Captured Leads

Get a more granular view by refining leads by company or job title.

  • Actionable Next Steps

Find important trends that lead to actionable next steps.

  • Share Analytics

Download and easily share your results with your team.

Integrations available for Leads

Leads within Cadence is not intended to replace your existing CRM for day-to-day operations, but rather to become an extension of your CRM in capturing interactions with your customers while at events and optimizing time.

These are the CRMs compatible with Cadence at the moment:

Additional features for Leads

Tailor the Leads system to your organization’s needs and workflow, reach out to your Customer Success lead to work them put together!

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