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Customers - The What and How-to for Event Admins
Customers - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview on engaging with your customers at events

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The industry's only Customer Database that's actionable in planning your event engagements and capturing leads on-site.

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What are Customers?

Cadence Customers is a Premium Pro Feature, and only available for this license tier. This is a feature that allows to connect with existing customers and purposefully target new ones with detailed customer profiles and engagement history. We built Customers to make any size company more efficient in identifying and engaging with customers at events, which leads to actionable follow-up by the organization.

How to set it up?

To create and manage your customers, visit your event in the admin site and select the menu item Customers. You will see three sub-menu items automatically enabled - Engagements, Attending / Not Attending, and Master List. This article will further break down each of these.

Creating Customers with Ease!

You can create your Customers Database in different ways:

  1. Create a new customer profile in seconds from your computer or phone

    1. In the Admin -> Navigate to the Menu -> My Company -> Customers -> Click "+" Button -> Build Profile.

    2. In Web -> Navigate to the left Menu -> Select Customers -> Engagements -> Click "+" Button -> Build Profile.

  2. Import the excel file of your Customer Database.

  3. Integrating your CRM

    Don't start from scratch! Keep all your precious customer information in one place. Customers within Cadence is not intended to replace your existing CRM for day-to-day operations, but to become an extension of your CRM in planning your customer engagements at events.

    These are the CRMs that can be integrated in Cadence:

  4. Leads Captured On-Site

    Aim. Point. Capture! Scan a new customer's QR code to automatically create a new customer profile. See our article on Leads to learn more!

* Note and admin can edit and deactivate a customer's profile.

What will you find in your Customers Profile?

Everything you want to know about your customers in one place.

Contact Info & Biography

View up-to-date customer biography & contact information.

Custom Fields

Display only the most important information in your customers' profiles.

Engagement History

View all previous and upcoming engagements your organization has had with a customer.

What does "Engaging" a customer mean?

This means you can make matches with customers to create engagement and stay up-to-date on which customers will be where.

Customer Lists

Easily create lists of customers based on specific business priorities, such as advisory boards, clinical studies, and investigators.

Refining the List

Effortlessly refine the list of customers by customer type, region, country, last engagement date, and other custom fields.

Attending / Not Attending

Automatically compile accurate attendee lists by being notified which of your customers are attending the upcoming congress.

Which other functions can take full profit from Customers' profiles?

Tailor Customers to your organization’s needs and workflow.

How do I use the Customers feature in Mobile App?

Within Cadence mobile app, enterprise customers will have access to a Customers menu. To access the Customers menu, swipe right to expand your main menu.

The Customers menu allows you to see all customer engagements happening at a particular event. Any customer that has a current appointment at your event will be displayed here.

Which features do Customers correlate?

  • Leads

  • Appointmens

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