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Symphony - Socialive - Broadcast Examples
Symphony - Socialive - Broadcast Examples

A series of Socialive examples for context on graphics, media and layouts for high quality virtual event broadcasts

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  1. Cadence Collective: Panel discussion from Cadence's Collective 2021 event

  2. Aerie: Changemakers branded roundtable series (streamed across socials)

  3. Gainsight: Executive speaker series on leadership (streamed to LI and company page)

  4. Politico: Playbook series, panel discussion featuring Bill Gates (live to website)

  5. RBC: Executive discussion between RBC CEO and Google Cloud CEO (streamed to Linkedin company page)

  6. New York Times: Virtual Event/Panel Discussion on (Youtube and NY Times page)

  7. McKinsey: Slide presentation walkthrough with speakers (LI Live)

  8. EY: Reframe Series reoccuring live event (Linkedin)

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