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New Updates for Week of July 12, 2021
New Updates for Week of July 12, 2021

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE!


πŸ’š Added the ability to close a full-screen image when the user clicks outside of the image within the messenger.

πŸ’š Improved the messaging input field animation for participants so it all looks a little more smooth.

πŸ’š Addressed some known design issues and some copy for the new notifications and raise hand functionality.

🐞 Addressed a scrolling issue when viewing the options tab for a symphony within the Symphony menu list view. The refine filter covered some of the options before making it seem as the options are not available.

🐞 Fixed a scrolling issue on the participant list that would cover the invite and search field.

🐞 Fixed an issue with changing video sources causing the global controls to appear and disappear. In other words, the video icon was deactivated then activated again when switching to a different camera, but it should have just remained in an active state.


πŸ’š Updated the empty screen copy and functionality for My & All Appointments if a user has only viewing not creating rights for their appointments.

🐞 Fixed an issue that would not allow a user to open the new appointment form when clicking on the link within the empty screen message.


πŸ’š Rearranged topics to be its own menu item within the Event Setup menu and added a field to enable topics for Onboarding. Also moved out the Attendee visibility setting from within Onboarding and moved it to the Attendees Options tab.

πŸ’š Added the ability to edit the account onboarding image at the event level that is presented to users when they sign in to the web platform for the very first time.


πŸ’š Updated logic that now prevents an admin from adding a Group for the People Group content tile on Company Home to be selected if they are set to be admin only.

πŸ’š Added support for adding System tiles to the Company Home, we previously only supported these tiles for Event Home.

πŸ’š Updated logic that now always shows users the latest Live Feed Post on the Live Feed tile. Prior to our update, the latest post would disappear after 24 hours.

🐞 Fixed an issue with the Ask a Question home tile not working, it would just not redirect to the section within the platform when clicked from Home.


πŸ’š Added the Cadence Refer link tied to our Cadence Refer program as a section within a user's profile. An admin can control displaying this within their Account Management section in Admin.


πŸ’š Updated People added in as company reps to also display their Company along with their title.


πŸ’š We added the ability for admin users to remove a collection content via the web.

Account Management

πŸ’š Updated logic that now always shows an admin the default Event Menu options when viewing within their Account Management menu. It previously wouldn't give you any info.


πŸ’š Implemented the ability for Speakers with a linked user profile to add and edit resources and edit their speaker profile.


πŸ’š Updated the 'Contact Us' form on the Login page to trigger a contact type form that when submitted is sent to the events team. Each request will also be captured in the admin under the Event Setup menu for the Event.


πŸ’š Added the start and end time for a single-day event to show in the Event header.

πŸ’š Relabeled Custom menu items for adding a single or multiple Collections to make it crystal clear what it is you are adding.

Event Management

πŸ’š Made a ton of copy edits and rearranged some configurations to provide more clarity. We did this for multiple features such as Companies, Schedule, Appointments, and overall Event Setup options.

Event Wizard

πŸ’š Updated some of the copy across the different steps of the Event Wizard and updated our list of selectable event types on Step 1.


πŸ’š Reworked and made a couple of updates to the schedule item form on the Web. It will provide more toggle options and info copy to the event organizer when adding schedule items.

πŸ’š Updated our Schedule Import sheet to always ignore spaces added so it ensures each field is recognized and imported without errors.


πŸ’š Added logic to drop-down registration form questions when mapped to the custom drop-down field from user profiles. It will now auto-add the answer options in a read-only format.


πŸ’š Made it easier for admin users to navigate from web to admin or admin to web without having to log in again for either.


πŸ’š Updated our User and Attendee Import sheet to always ignore spaces added so it ensures each field is recognized and imported.

πŸ’š Reduced the lines of topics that are outputting on the recommended connections tab to keep the focus on the people we recommend users to connect with below it.

🐞 Fixed the empty state copy on our pending connections tab as it was taken the copy from another tab, silly us!


🐞 Addressed an issue for individual scoreboards to output the competitions added within a single compete to not cut off or make it impossible to navigate between all the competitions. It was cutting them off when there were too many.

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