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Notifications - The What and How-to for Event Admins
Notifications - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview on how to use Notifications for all your event communications

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Send strategic Notifications that you can schedule before, during, and after your event to delight attendees and aid in reaching your event goals.

What are Notifications?

Cadence Notifications are an Essential Feature and are therefore available to you on any license you purchase or use for free. Our notification system is the main feature to help keep your attendees informed, educated, and reminded on any and all aspects of your event!

To send a notification, visit the Notifications tab on the left side of your main menu from either your admin site or from the mobile app version (only available to those who have "Admin" access).

In the admin interface, You will see the (+) button available to create a notification.

Notification Header

This is the header that will appear as the subject line in the email notification you send or as the header in the push notification that you send to attendees.

Note: Try not to make your header too long as it will get cut off when showing up as a Push Notification.

Hint: A push notification is sent to mobile and tablet devices and also in the Web version under the Notifications tab. Attendees will have the ability to accept or deny receiving these on mobile devices when they first sign in. Unfortunately, we cannot require attendees to accept push notifications for mobile, just as any app on a mobile or tablet device.

Email notifications are ones that get sent to the email that the attendee is logging in with. Sometimes, these emails will get caught in their spam or junk folders as it is coming from a "No-Reply" email address and some organizations block those in general.

Notification Body

This is where the message of your notification will live.

If copying and pasting pre-written text from another source always select "Paste as Plain Text" so that no unwanted special characters appear after pasting.

Link Notification

This will allow you to link your notification to any area within your event. In a push notification, as soon the attendee clicks on the notification, it will take them directly to where you have linked it. In an email notification, there will be a button to click in the body of the notification email.

Link To

You may link notifications to any menu item or area within any menu item, such as the Schedule or specific sessions taking place, specific attendees, Speakers, and/or Companies. This helps to bring your attendees right where you need them without any extra clicks.

For Users

Here you can choose who you want to send this notification to. Whether it be all attendees (All) or particular groups or specific attendees (Specified). (Speakers only, VIPs, Sponsor Reps etc.)

When to Send

You can either choose to send a notification immediately (Send Now) or schedule for a specific date/time in the future. Either way, you will have to save it for it to send (unless you select the [Send Now] button), so don't worry about selecting "Send Now" without being able to test it!

Note: You can always create notifications days or weeks away from your event and schedule them to be sent out whenever your event is actually live.

Send As

This was mentioned above in that you can select how you want your notification to be seen by attendees. Whether it be a push notification that appears on mobile and tablet devices and also in the Web version under the Notifications tab, or sent to the attendee's email address they logged in with. You also can select both to ensure the attendees get the information you are trying to send!

Send Test Notification

The best practice would be to send a test notification to yourself and/or others to review first before sending it out to the intended audience. Make sure that the spacing, text, and layout are what you are hoping for!


Save this notification (even if you aren't ready to send it) so you don't lose your work!


Send the notification now. You will receive a confirmation message first detailing the exact number of attendees the notification will be sent to.

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