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Companies - The What and How-to for Event Admins
Companies - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview of using Companies for your sponsors, exhibitors and partners.

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  • Maximize attendees' exposure to sponsors and increase collective ROI by allowing attendees to directly connect with companies.

  • Build lasting and profitable relationships with sponsors and companies.

  • Events are a critical marketing channel for sponsors, vendors and other partners. The triple threat of creating brand exposure, meeting potential customers, and proving ROI serves as unparalleled strategy for companies. Your guests will have the ability to interact directly with companies, and vice versa. This direct line of contact will give the companies unique insights into their audience. And most importantly, event organizers will be able to build lasting and profitable relationships with companies by presenting them the gift of a return on investment! And who doesn’t love an ROI?


Brand Visibility - Companies can create brand awareness amongst your guests with the ability to add as much information about themselves as they want.

  • Company Groups - Categorize companies by different groups such as sponsorship tiers or service types.

  • Detailed Sponsor Profiles - Encourage your sponsors to provide information about who they are and why they do what they do.

  • Company Profile Editing - Empower your sponsors and partners by letting them edit their own information.

Request Appointments (Premium Pro License) - Create avenues to increase face-time and interaction between your sponsors and audience.

  • Select Date & Time - Scheduling appointments can be a hassle, but we make it easy by only displaying the dates and times that both parties are available.

  • Rep Profile - Humanize the experience by allowing your guests to get to know the company representatives more personally.

  • Messaging - Offer a channel for direct communication between your companies and guests to ask any questions.

Exposure Opportunities - We designed multiple avenues for companies to increase brand awareness and recognition.

  • Sponsored Live Feed Posts - Similar to paid Instagram ads, companies can sponsor posts to be published on the Live Feed.

  • Sponsored Sessions - Your partners can embed their logo during webinars, conferences and other sessions.

  • Easy Access to Materials - Partners can upload any materials like documents, images, videos, or podcasts for attendees to view at any time.

What Else!

  • Check out our blog article on Companie and the different ways this feature can be used.

  • Contact your Customer Success Team for sponsorship decks and additional resources.


  • Visit your event to enable the feature on the Admin Site

  • Click on "Event Setup" and select "Menu"

  • Click the blue (+) sign and select "Enable Menu Item"

Enable Companies as a Menu Item from your list of available features and click "Save!"

Once Companies is enabled, it will appear for you under the "my event" menu within the admin site. Click Companies, and then the blue plus button ( + ) to start building your companies

Let's briefly look at our options that apply to all each company page and to the overall feature.

You have the option to display Companies Groups, which is a way to organize your companies into groups, or tier different levels of sponsors. We will show some examples in our Use Case Article (Coming Soon!)

If you choose to display Companie Groups, you then have the option to Hide the "View All" Category. Sometimes, you want the option to show all companies and other times you only want your attendees to navigate within the groups you have created.

The final option here is Enable Request Appointment. (This is a Premium Pro License Feature only.)

There are a few settings and options to select when using the Appointments within the Companies Feature.

Max Companies Requests - how many requests are allowed for each company. Remember you are setting this at the overview level and it applies to all companies you create.

Then there are two different Appointment types:

  • The first option is Request Appointments without Invites. This means attendees can request to meet with company representatives and no invites will be send via email. A list of who has requested to meet with this company will be available in the request report on the admin site. Please note, this is only available to admins of the event and not directly available for the representatives.

    • Within this option, Request Appointments without Invites, you can enable Enable Appointment Request Emails. This is different than our next option Request Appointments with Invites. With this option, an email will be sent to the representative, letting them know an attendee has requested to meet with them. It does not confirm an appointment and is only a email of notice.

  • The second option is Request Appointments with Invites. In this option, an attendee will select an available time

When setting up each Company, you have the option to add all of these details shown in the image below or perhaps you are just going to add the Company name and logo (only these two are required) and then allow the company representatives to edit their own pages. You will need to add the representatives as well in order to allow them to edit this page from the web.

Once you click save you will then see the option to add People or your Representatives. We will review further in our FAQ Article (coming soon) about Representatives setting up their own Company pages. Here below is an image from the web, and what Representatives will be able to see and edit.

Additionally, once you click save, you then will see other options to add from admin.

You can link Schedule items that your company may be hosted or speaking on. Click on the + button and then search for your schedule item. It will then appear on the company page.

You can also organize how you want your People or Representatives to display. Representatives you've added will display under this tab, People Order and you can drag and drop from the left hand side to rearrange the order in which you want these people to appear.

Now let's jump into the options. Here is where you can change the verbiage to fit your event branding. Representatives will not be able to edit this part, so you will need to work with your companies to get the verbiage they want to use or make the decision what works best overall for the event.

The final tab available is appointment configuration. As we discussed above, you can set the overall settings for appointments at the feature level and then within this tab of configuration is where you will enable the feature for each company. Be sure to check the box "This company supports requesting appointments." Then below you will add which people or representatives will be available for appointments and add their available date and time.

Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Team or contact our Sales Team if you are looking to learn more about this feature.

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