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People - The What and How-to for Event Admins
People - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview of getting your attendees invited, onboarded and connected within event

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The Power of People

Create new connections and spark engaging conversations built on shared interests between your speakers, attendees, and sponsors.


Start with a bang! Get your attendees into your event with ease by sending beautiful and contextual invites from the app or website.


Let your audience share what's important to them, and watch passionate conversations bloom.


We added some extra features for you and your guests so that losing touch with each other will never be an issue.

How To

Add Attendees Page

Visit Attendees, in your event on the admin site. Tap the + button to the right of the Attendees header and select Add People button.

  • Upon selecting Add People, you will be brought to the following screen:

  • On this screen, you will be able to add users/groups, paste in emails for bulk adding, or import your attendees into your event. All of the above methods will pre-register your attendees for your event.

Add Preexisting Attendees

  • Enter in an attendees Name or Email. If the attendee already exists within your account, they will display in the search results.

  • Enter in a Groups name. If the Group already exists within your account, it will display in the search results.

  • You also may bulk add attendees through Paste-in Emails. This screen will allow you to bulk-paste in email addresses to add attendees. This function is mostly used when you've received an excel list with users already part of your account.

Add/Create New Attendees

  • If you search and they do not yet exist, you will see Add as a new user option. Select that option and you will see the following screen:

  • You'll need to enter in their email, first name, and last name followed by clicking the little checkmark to the right-hand side.

  • Upon completing those steps, you'll be brought to the communication screen.

Attendee Import

One of the most traditional methods of adding attendees is through an attendee import. This is used when your attendees do not require registration, such as for an internal company event or when your attendees have already registered through a 3rd party registration platform, such as Eventbrite, Cvent, or Splash.

  • Upon selecting Select From Import Options, you will see this screen and download one of the templates:

  • Here's an example of the Excel Template download:

  • You'll fill out the appropriate fields, save the excel, then upload the excel sheet on the pop-up below.

Create Groups

You may create groups for your event for two main purposes:

  • Creating and using groups for event management purposes. Your entire event is built so that you may define what's visible to ALL attendees, specific groups, and/or specific attendees.

  • Displaying Groups to all attendees for the purpose of visibility and connecting your audience.

Adding Individual Groups

You may add your Groups one by one by visiting your event in the admin site, selecting People from the menu, then select Groups.

You may then add each group by selecting the + button to the right of the Groups header.

Importing Groups

You may import your list of Groups. Visit your event in the admin site, select People from the menu on the left-hand side, select Groups and then on the right-hand side of the groups page you will see Import. You will select Download Template to download the Groups import excel template where you'll fill in the respective fields. Once you're done, you'll save it to your computer then upload it to the import screen as shown below.

After you give your new group a Name, then you'll have the following options:

For Administrative Use Only

Selecting this option will ensure the group only displays to admin users, not to attendees. This is the best method for creating groups for event management purposes only.

Enable Video Calling

For Premium Pro licenses, you have the option of integrating with either ZOOM or Webex. Enabling this checkbox will allow your attendees to initiate a group video call.

Enable Group Channel

If enabled, the members of this group can join a private Messaging channel

Public Group

This will allow your attendees to join this group on their own. This can be used for virtual networking.

Note that you can also allow your attendees to create their own Groups within the event as well. To allow this, be sure to look under "options"

Adding Users to Groups

Visit the Users tab to view all users that are part of the group. You may select any user to see their profile, use Bulk Actions to remove users in bulk, or Export the users into an excel file.

Tap the + button to add a new user individually, add multiple via the email address or remove multiple attendees from the group via email address.

Hide Attendees

Once attendees have been added, you can "hide" their profile. This will put this attendee in "ghost-mode", where they will not display within the event. Look for the middle icon (eye) to the right of each attendee listed.

Send Communication

Hooray! You just added your attendees to your event, you can select Next and be brought to the communication options screen as you see below. You may immediately extend the welcome email to them or add them without sending the welcome email in case you want to wait to send it. Please review the welcome email section to learn more about how to set that up.

Welcome Email

You can fully customize your Welcome Email, to do so, you'll go to Attendees (in admin), select Emails, then you'll be able to build out your welcome email. Here you'll be able to fully customize the email including merge fields from within your event. These are called Insert Attributes.

Next, we'll show you how to how you can manually send your Welcome Email. Visit Attendees in your event on admin. You may select Bulk Actions Send Welcome Email or send the Send Welcome Email individually by attendee.

Bulk Actions - Send Welcome Email

Individual Attendee - Send Welcome Email


Reactivate a Deactivated Attendee

When you're in admin, you'll navigate to people then hit the 'refine' button. From there, you will press 'deactivated' to pull up the list of deactivated attendees. Click the green button to the right-hand side to reactivate them.

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